Sochi International Forum for Tourism


21-22 November 2019

Everything for outfitting sanatoria and resort industry, restaurants, offices and homes. Equipment, technologies and materials for hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. Furniture, design and interior. Trading-technological and refrigerating equipment. Special equipment (kitchen utensils, dishes, appliances, plumbing, electrical). Air conditioning, heating & water purification systems, sanitary instruments. Cleaning equipment, equipment for dry-cleaners and laundries. Telecommunication systems and communications, control systems, security devices. Equipment for entertainment centers, sports complexes, saunas, swimming pools. Overalls, linen, household chemical goods, accessories. Individual use items.

An important business advantage of the exhibition "Hotel and restaurant business" is that it takes place on the same site as the exhibition "Resorts and tourism. Season 2019-2020" within the framework of the Sochi International Forum for Tourism - SIFT-2019. This Forum is the main business platform for domestic and incoming tourism in Russia and annually gathers the leading enterprises of the sanatorium and resort industry from all over the country.

Thus, your target audience at the exhibition is maximally expanded, as your potential clients and partners are already participants and visitors of exhibitions within the framework of the Forum and will come to Sochi to work with you on the same site.

This event is the only specialized congress and exhibition event of the federal scale that takes place in the region, that's why all business representatives come to it.

Along with objects from other regions, Sochi itself is a very attractive and promising market. All year round the resort receives millions of tourists, participants in sports competitions, politicians, businessmen, representatives of the intellectual and cultural elite. The colossal sanatorium complex of Sochi, a huge hotel fund that includes facilities from the level of international chains to small private hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes of various ranks and catering services all function year-round, serving guests from all over the world. In addition, the city is constantly opening new objects of hospitality.

In order to maintain a high level of service, the hotel and restaurant industry must keep abreast of the current trends in the profile market, and therefore constantly expand the circle of business partners and suppliers. Therefore, the exhibition event held in Sochi invariably gathers a wide audience of interested specialists both from Sochi itself and from all over the Black Sea coast, from neighboring Abkhazia and other regions of the country.

Participation in the exhibition within the framework of the International Tourism Forum in Sochi SIFT-2019 is an excellent opportunity for you to present your products for 100% of the target audience and personally communicate with top managers of hotels, sanatoria, boarding houses, accommodation bases from all over the country responsible for supplying and Work with suppliers.

We are waiting for you at the XX specialized International Exhibition "Hotel and Restaurant Business-2019" in Sochi and wish you successful work and new profitable contracts!

Exhibition Manager

Elena Selukova

Phone.:  +7 (862) 262-31-79

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