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– is the sign of an exhibition/fair's high quality


for exhibitors and visitors – guarantee the key components of high quality exhibition activities:

  • the level of preparation and holding of the exhibition,
  • professionalism and responsibility of the organizer,
  • the reliability of indicators of the exhibition, confirmed by the audit,
  • a wide range and level of the services,
  • the best marketing opportunities of the event,
  • high performance participation.

for the organizers

  • serves as a fashion element of the exhibition, highlighting the event among other exhibition projects;
  • promotes loyalty the client for the exhibition - to increase the number of exhibitors and visitors;
  • promotes customer confidence in the organizer, increase its credibility as a trusted professional;
  • contribute to raising the status of the event through his patronage, the support of the authorities, chamber of Commerce, industry associations;
  • promotes the exhibition of the brand.

Requirements for exhibitions with the sign of the RUEF:

The Logo of Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs is assigned to the exhibition / fair with the status of "International", if it was not less than 2 times and if each of the 2 meet the following requirements:

  • own the original name of the exhibition/fair
  • the net exhibition space – not less than 1000 sq. m.
  • direct foreign exhibitors – must be not less than 10 % (in this case their rented exhibition area – not less than 100 sq. m.)
  • the total number of visitors – not less than 5,000 people.
  • the correspondence exhibits the prescribed topics, the timeliness and periodicity of the exhibition / fair
  • the stand equipment according to international requirements
  • the provision of permanent services (commercial, marketing. service, advertising, etc.)

Meeting all these requirements, except the requirements for the number of foreign participants, the Sign of Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs is assigned to the exhibition/fair without the "International" status.

For exhibitions put forward for the assignment of the Logo and marked with RUEF exhibitions be sure to audit key performance indicators.

The Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs (RUEF) - is an Association of leading Russian exhibition organisers, owners of exhibition complexes and enterprises contributing to the exhibition business, as well as representatives of the exhibition business in Moldova and Ukraine.

Established in 1991, a member of UFI - the global Association of the exhibition industry since 1994.
RUEF – is
2 million square meters NET EXHIBITION space.
RUEF today:
90 members, including
organizers – 63; promotional - 23; VP owners who are not organizers of the exhibitions– 4
The main activities of RUEF:
  • Assistance to domestic enterprises in the promotion of goods and services in domestic and foreign markets
  • Coordination of exhibition and trade fair activities (EFA)
  • Legislative initiatives in the sphere of exhibition business
  • The audit of exhibition events
  • International relations
  • Training seminars
  • Information base the exhibition industry
  • Publications:
- Catalogue «Exhibition. Fair - CD»
- A statistical review
- Best exhibitions of RUEF
- Exhibitions centers RUEF
- We welcome your cooperation
- Methodical literature
The highest honours of the exhibition - The Logo of Russian Union of exhibitions and fairs.
Representatives of the Union are members of the Interdepartmental Commission for exhibition and fair activity under the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia, Expert Council on exhibition and fair activities of the Committee on economic policy and entrepreneurship state Duma of the Board Trading-industrial chamber of Russia and the RUIE; in profile Committees of the RF CCI and RSPP; the RSPP Committee for exhibition activities headed by the President of the Union.
Executive Directorate of RUEF:
Russia, 603950, Nizhny Novgorod, GSP-1080, Sovnarkomovskaya St., 13, of. 221
Phone/Fax: (831) 277-56-95/80, 246-00-79