From July 1, tourists will be limited to Sochi.


Date: 25.06.2021

From July 1, tourists will be limited to Sochi.

The Governor of the Krasnodar Territory, Veniamin Kondratyev, at a meeting of the operational headquarters, decided to restrict the entry of tourists to the resort cities of the region, including Sochi.

“From July 1, upon arrival at the sanatoriums and hotels in Sochi, all tourists will have to present negative PCR tests or vaccination certificates without fail. From August 1, the settlement of vacationers will be possible only with certificates of vaccination or with medical treatment according to the testimony of doctors, "- stressed the mayor of Sochi, Alexei Kopaygorodsky.

He also noted that about 50 thousand guests come to the resort by different means of transport every day. Now there are about two hundred thousand tourists in the city. Hotels and resorts are 88% full, some large accommodation facilities are 100% full.

An increase in the incidence of coronavirus infection is recorded in the city. In Sochi, three covid hospitals operate to receive such patients. Their total bed capacity is 670 beds. Today only 40 beds remain free. Until the end of the day, another hospital will open at the resort, which was involved in the peak incidence last year - on the basis of the Center for Motherhood and Childhood. In the coming days, we will reopen the fifth department for receiving patients with COVID-19, thereby increasing the bed capacity to 850 beds.

“We have no right to allow a new surge in morbidity and are obliged to preserve not only the holiday season and the economy, but primarily the life and health of citizens. And that is why we fully support such a decision, ”Kopaygorodsky said.

Mass vaccination of local residents against coronavirus continues in Sochi. Over the past three days, the number of vaccination points has been increased to 26. Labor collectives of all sectors of the hospitality, services, education and transport sectors are actively vaccinated.

The head of the city urged residents and guests of the resort to comply with all epidemiological measures, as well as to be vaccinated.