Problems of domestic tourism are discussed in Sochi


Date: 22.11.2019

Problems of domestic tourism are discussed in Sochi

The 6th International Tourism Forum is fully focused on discussing the problems and prospects of domestic and inbound tourism. Experts are looking for new vectors for the development of the tourism services market, discussing programs for their subsidies, and the development and implementation of electronic visas and permits.

Every year, the international tourism forum brings together representatives of the tourism industry from various regions of Russia. The business program consisted of discussion meetings and training workshops. For the first time, another major event was held at the forum venue - the All-Russian Congress of Tour Operators and Travel Agents. During the negotiations, the forum participants resolve issues that ultimately increase the efficiency of travel companies. But, as in any industry, it is not without problems. Today, the question that experts are discussing is improving domestic tourism.

Yuri Barzykin, Vice-President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, Chairman of the RF CCI Committee: “Now we need to turn to quality in the service sector, to ensure competitiveness, because our foreign colleagues are also on the alert. And even domestically, we must provide affordable, adequate, liquid tourism products ”

Krasnodar Territory is one of the leaders in the development of domestic tourism. And all thanks to the implementation of a whole range of activities. If in 2012 the number of vacationers in the resorts of the region amounted to a little more than 11 million people, then at the moment it is already more than 18 million. The South Health Regional Program, developed in 2017, contributes to an increase in tourist flow. She has already been recognized as one of the best healing practices in Russia. It involved spa organizations that provide health-improving services with good discounts. Thus, rest in the resorts of our region has become more affordable, and resorts and boarding houses have the opportunity to year-round loading.

Competent advertising contributed to the promotion of resort and recreational potential and tourist opportunities of the Krasnodar Territory. So, for example, Sochi takes an active part in international and national exhibitions in the regions.

Sergei Domorat, Head of the Resorts and Recreation Resources Department of the Sochi Administration: “Together with Rostourism, we plan to participate in four international tourist exhibitions next year. In addition, we are planning with our federal tour operators in our regions to present the tourism opportunities of Sochi ”

Sochi has been conducting such field presentations for the past few years. Not only officials, but also representatives of large travel agencies and sanatoriums go to the regions. They tell and show what the resort offers in the summer, winter and in the off-season. They explain how to save money using various programs. There is an exhibition exposition at the site of the current international tourist forum. It traditionally gathers the leading enterprises of the hospitality industry in Russia and neighboring countries, as well as transport, insurance, service companies and other representatives of the travel services market. It also discusses the problems and prospects of tourism, and also concludes direct agreements for the 2020 season.

Vladimir Pushkarev, deputy head of Sochi: “Here we have the main task so that the federal tour operators see us again, communicate with our hotels, hotels. I hope that this forum will be held with dignity, and we will further increase our tourist flow ”

A delegation from the English city of Cheltenham, the twin city of Sochi, also visited the international tourism forum.

Richard Gibson, director of the strategic development department of the Cheltenham administration: “I am very proud of our twin-city ties with Sochi. We have been maintaining friendly relations for over 60 years. And this year came to celebrate City Day. Sochi is a wonderful city with a well-developed tourist infrastructure, it has excellent healing baths and many residents of England come here with pleasure to rest. And our friendships are supported not only by the exchange of tourists, but also by various projects ”

For example, next year it is planned to hold friendly matches between the football teams of Sochi and Cheltenham. Well, now is the winter season ahead. According to tour operators, the demand for ski holidays will be increased - more than a million tourists are expected.