MegaFon has once again become the general partner of the VI International Tourism Forum SIFT-2019.


Date: 01.08.2019

MegaFon has once again become the general partner of the VI International Tourism Forum SIFT-2019.

MegaFon is an operator of new opportunities, offers convenient and advanced telecom solutions for the business sector and government organizations. The company relies on the development of networks of the latest generations and "digital" customers.

By connecting digital capabilities, MegaFon offers its customers the service of "smart" MegaFon.Target mailings. The mobile information service has a simple user-friendly interface and easily customizable parameters that allow you to accurately determine the address of the SMS mailing, taking into account different parameters: gender, age, location, telephone operating system, purchasing power and the presence of message recipients in roaming. Moreover, an advertising campaign can be set up and launched in just a couple of hours with any budget, number of messages, and even with a minimum reach of several tens of customers.

MegaFon offers TV broadcasting services for Business TV corporate clients. Television with a large selection of channels has long been a standard in a hotel room. Sports broadcasts in a bar or music channel in a cafe. Business channels in the office or children's programs in the waiting area. The service was created specifically for public broadcasting at commercial sites. All necessary licenses are provided by copyright holders.

MegaFon proposes to organize smart telephony using the "Virtual PBX", setting up calls to a single multi-channel number, voice greeting and call distribution to any mobile and landline phones. The service allows you to collect customer analytics using call statistics and the ability to record conversations. And the “8 800” hotline will increase the number of incoming calls to the company. Potential customers from anywhere in Russia will be able to call for free from a landline or mobile number to clarify the necessary information or make an order.

MegaFon was the first among telecom operators to launch a full-fledged and large-scale LTE-Advanced network, which allowed the company to fully satisfy the customers' need for super-fast mobile Internet access at speeds up to 300 Mbps. According to Ookla®, MegaFon provides the fastest mobile Internet in Russia. An independent study is conducted annually around the world: in Russia, the results are based on more than 8.438 million speed measurements taken in the first half of 2019 on 1.64 million unique Russian mobile devices using the Speedtest application. Worldwide, Ookla’s SpeedTest® application is the most accurate way to measure performance and diagnose mobile carrier networks.