Date: 01.06.2017

The beach season in Sochi is open!

Tradition to open the beach season in Sochi is very fond of the Sochi residents, and the guests of the resort, as well as those who work in the tourism and spa business. And last weekend colorful carnival procession in the center of Sochi for the fourth time marked the beginning of the beach season in the main seaside resort of the country. This year, all united a completely symbolic theme: "Do not poglap your summer!".

Representatives of large enterprises, tour operators, hotels and hotels, amusement parks, various industries, artists - in all, more than three thousand people in bright suits passed a column along Kurortny Prospekt from the Winter Theater to the South Pole Square.

The audience welcomed the participants all the way. The actors danced, showed acrobatic numbers. Platforms surprised with their decorations.

Among the participants of the carnival were Sochi guests - in particular, the artists from Ufa who represented the Republic of Bashkortostan in national costumes, the delegation from which arrived in Sochi yesterday, led by the mayor of Ufa during the official visit.

Head of the convoy was the head of Sochi, Anatoly Pakhomov.,