Sochi International Forum for Tourism

Sochi International Forum for Tourism will show the whole Russia

In many countries of the world tourism is one of the largest sectors of the economy, bringing in the treasury of the country a significant income. In addition, the often developed tourism industry is part of the country's image, its business card.

Domestic and incoming tourism in Russia today is a colossal promising market, the development of which is being channeled with significant resources and efforts. Russia is a huge country with a rich tourist potential, and the Russian resort industry has something to offer its and foreign tourists. We can say that Russian tourism is now experiencing a second birth, but already in the new economic conditions, taking into account the world experience, with a reference to the highest standards and with an emphasis on its own identity and unique natural and historical basis.

The main thing is that both experts and inveterate travelers believed in the most powerful potential of Russian tourism. It is gratifying that the demand for Russian tourist products has increased not only within Russia itself, but also from foreign tourists and business people. This trend is confirmed, among other things, by the fact that recently Russian cities have consistently held leading positions in the ratings of the cities most frequently visited by foreign tourists in various holiday seasons.

Sochi: a city where resorts meet

Like any branch of business, domestic and incoming tourism in Russia has its own business platform, which discusses the current situation, problems and prospects.

The main business platform for inbound and outbound tourism in Russia is the Sochi International Forum for Turism, which will be held from November 22 to 23 in 2018. The venue will traditionally be Sochi in the Imereti Lowland.

The Tour Forum will be held under the auspices of the Administration of the City of Sochi, with the assistance of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation, the Russian Union of Travel Industry, the Russian Hotel Association, the Administration of the Krasnodar Region, the Krasnodar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Sochi City Administration and the Sochi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Given the growing interest in Russia of foreign tour operators and partners, this year the English name abbreviation SIFT (Sochi International Forum for Tourism) has been added to the name of the Sochi TourForum.

Orientation towards domestic and inbound tourism largely determines the relevance of the Tour Forum in Sochi to industry participants, since this is the only congress and exhibition event of this profile.

Information partners of the Tour Forum are leading profile online portals and media.

Tourforum in Sochi - a comprehensive solution

On the Sochi site will be three key events, each of which will allow participants and guests of the Tour Forum to fully address their business objectives.

Represents the exposition part of the Tour Forum, which is objectively the most visible and comfortable for communication platform in the framework of any business event. "Resorts and Tourism" - one of the largest Russian exhibitions in the resort industry, has more than 25 years annually opening a new holiday season in the country. Over the years, the exhibition "Resorts and Tourism" focuses on domestic and inbound tourism.

Stably more than 80% of visitors to the exhibition are Russian and foreign specialists, most of which are tour operators and travel agents who are interested in establishing partnerships and concluding trade deals.

The main sections of the exhibition "Resorts and tourism. Season 2018-2019 "include: vouchers to sanatoriums, health resorts, boarding houses, hotels, hotels, bases and rest homes; All kinds of tourism; Business and entertainment facilities; MICE; Related services, etc. In other words, here are the most interesting opportunities for resort and business Sochi, tourist destinations in the South of Russia and all-season resorts from all over Russia.

The organizer of the exhibition: LLC "SOUD - Sochi exhibitions".

November 22-23 Congress "Key strategic directions of development, technology and service in domestic and inbound tourism"

includes blocks for travel agencies and hotel business and covers the following topics:

  • Summarizing the past summer season: what expectations were met, what mechanisms were successful; Prospects for the next season;
  • Package tours in domestic tourism;
  • Legal regulation of the relationship between tour operators and hotels;
  • Russian resorts vs world: whether the preferences of Russians have changed;
  • Which is not enough for Russian resorts for a comfortable reception of foreigners;
  • Legislative and regulatory legal regulation at all stages of the formation, implementation and provision of tourism services;
  • Modern technologies of recovery in the practice of sanatorium-and-spa treatment;
  • World Cup 2018: how to comfortably hold a global event at the operating resort;
  • Retail market of tourism; The market of Internet sales in tourism;
  • Hotel sector: classification, certification of services, etc .;
  • HoReCa: simple and complex questions;
  • and other.

In addition to discussion and training events, the Congress program includes business meetings, presentations, question-and-answer meetings, media consultations, and personal meetings with representatives of the Administration.

Coordinator of the Congress: tour operator "Alean" (Moscow).

November 19-21 Study and educational tours on the facilities of resort and business Sochi

For the second time resorts from all over the country accept hospitable Sochi, which itself is an interesting tourist product. Every year the number of objects presented within the framework of tours, increases significantly. The number of specialists from Russia and other countries wishing to take part in this part of the Tour Forum is also growing. And this is quite understandable: as folk wisdom says, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. And for business people, this is also a necessity: after all, if you plan to send your tourists to Sochi or want to learn the successful experience of this city, telephone conversations and studying web pages on the Internet is not enough. We need to come, see, get acquainted and establish contacts.

Participation in the tours makes it possible to see with your own eyes all that modern Sochi offers in various tourist destinations. And even if you have already visited Sochi last year, visiting tours this year will open a lot of new and interesting for you - after all, resort and business Sochi does not stand still, and over the past year there have appeared many objects worthy of your attention. On its landscaped and ecologically clean area - from the sea coast to the mountain peaks - new tourist, recreational, entertainment and business facilities are constantly opening, many of which set European and world records for their uniqueness, scale, technical and service indicators.

Tours cover the main categories of destinations in Sochi:

  • Mountain Cluster ("Mountains");
  • Coastal cluster ("Sea");
  • Sanatorium and balneological complex ("Treatment and rehabilitation");
  • Resources for corporate events and large-scale events ("MICE");
  • Attractions of the resort city ("Sights and excursions").

The participants of the tours will live in newly built and renovated hotels, move around the city on different types of transport, learn its tourist opportunities from professional host teams.

Leading tour operators in Russia

And, of course, in the busy business schedule of the Tour Forum there will be time for interesting excursions, relaxing on the coast and friendly communication in an informal atmosphere.

Auditorium of the Tour Forum

The Tour Forum in Sochi gathers participants in the tourism industry, who in business stand "on opposite sides of the barricades", and on the successful interaction of which the overall success depends: they are service providers and their consumers; Management of regions and specific destinations and facilities; And, finally, representatives of related industries that are directly involved in the formation of tourism products and affect its effectiveness and viability.

The main visitors of the Tour Forum will be specialists, primarily tour operators and travel agents from different regions who are interested in finding new contacts, establishing business contacts and concluding commercial deals.

It is expected that this year the Tourforum in Sochi will be visited by delegations of foreign experts from China and other countries that are only discovering the Russian tour-market and are interested in establishing direct contacts with domestic resorts and service companies serving this industry.

Sochi International Forum for Tourism :

Come to solve all the issues for the new tourist season

The Tour Forum is held in late autumn - to become a launching pad for the all-season resort of Sochi and for other resorts in Russia, where winter is also a hot season. Participants will also present tourist products for spring, summer and autumn.

Participation in the Forum is a unique opportunity to demonstrate all aspects of recreation, tourism and treatment, to get acquainted with new products, to conclude direct contracts for the season of 2018 and for a longer term.

The International Tourist Forum in Sochi is your business platform, your effective working tool and a bright touch in your business plan that you can not miss.

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