Sochi International Forum for Tourism

International Tourism Forum in Sochi SIFT - the main business platform for domestic and inbound tourism in Russia

All Russia is at the SIFT forum in Sochi

Russia is a huge country with a rich tourist potential, and the Russian resort industry has something to offer its and foreign tourists. Domestic and inbound tourism in Russia today is a huge promising market, a significant part of the Russian economy.

Like any business sector, domestic and inbound tourism in Russia has its own business platform, which discusses the current situation, problems and prospects.

The main business platform for domestic and inbound tourism in Russia is The International Tourism Forum in Sochi SIFT , which in 2021 .

SIFT is the only congress and exhibition event in Russia completely focused on domestic and inbound tourism.

The importance of the event emphasizes the support of federal and regional specialized agencies, leading industry associations, as well as the participation of their representatives in the program of the Tour Forum.

Information partners of the Turforum are the leading specialized online portals and media.

Tour Forum in Sochi SIFT– a comprehensive solution

The Sochi site has a federal scale and combines several business formats - the exhibition exposition, the business part and the so-called practical one - which allows its participants and guests to fully solve their business problems.

In the days of Turforum will be held:

  • XXVII International Tourism Exhibition “Resorts and Tourism. Season 2021»
  • XXI International Specialized Exhibition "Hotel - Restaurant Business 2021"
  • Congress “Domestic and Inbound Tourism. Realities and possibilities of the new time”
  • Familiarization and educational tours of the resort and business facilities of Sochi

Auditorium Tourforum

TourForum participants - tour operators and travel agents; sanatorium-resort complex enterprises, tourist destinations and facilities; representatives of federal, regional and local authorities in the field of tourism and culture; tourist information centers of the regions of the Russian Federation; experts and practitioners in the tourist industry; representatives of related industries.

The main visitors of the Turforum are specialists, first of all, tour operators and travel agents from various regions interested in finding new contacts, establishing business relations and concluding commercial transactions.

Sochi International Tourism Forum SIFT :

come to solve all the issues for the new tourist season

  • Format is a business platform of federal significance.
  • Time - on the eve of the winter holiday season and the new tourist year
  • Venue - the country's leading all-season resort
  • 100% target audience

Participation in the TurForum is a unique opportunity to demonstrate all aspects of recreation, tourism and treatment, to get acquainted with new products, to conclude direct contracts for the 2021 season and for the longer term.

Sochi International Tourist Forum SIFT is your business platform, your effective work tool and a bright touch on your business plan that you should not miss.

For participation in the Tour Forum in Sochi and for more information, contact the Organizing Committee: (862) 262-25-38, 262-26-93,

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