Sochi International Forum for Tourism


22-23 November 2018
V Sochi International Forum for Tourism - SIFT.
XXV international tourist exhibition "RESORTS AND TOURISM. SEASON 2018-2019"
XIX International specialized exhibition "HOTEL-RESTAURANT BUSINESS 2018"

№ stand Name (view)
1 95, OOO, Krasnodar, Russia
Center for booking hotels without intermediaries
Management on a resort business and tourism
Balneological resort Hot Key
4 47 «Mountain» sanatorium «Branch of JSC MPBK» Ochakovo «Hot Key, Russia
Sanatorium with treatment
5 47 «De Muazel» Spa Hotel, Hot Key, Russia
SPA hotel
6 47 «STAR» rehabilitation center «autonomous institution of the Republic of Adygea, Hot Key, Russia
Rehabilitation center
7 47 «Foothills of the Caucasus» Sanatorium «CJSC, Hot Key, Russia
Spa treatment
8 47 «RESIDENT PARK HOTEL», Hot Key, Russia
Comfortable accommodation in well-equipped rooms and high-quality service.
9 47 «Rus» sanatorium «LLC, Hot Key, Russia
Multidisciplinary health resort in the resort area of Goryachy Klyuch
10 47 «COLD CREEK» Manor Recreation Center, Hot Key, Russia
Holiday Village and comfortable cottages
Management of the sanatorium complex and tourism
A modern resort on which there are about 400 facilities of a sanatorium-resort complex with a one-time capacity of about 60 thousand places
13 50 «Aquamarine» Company hotel and spa, p. Plyaho, Russia
Comfortable 4 * hotel with high-quality European service and all necessary services for a great holiday all year round
14 50 «GAMMA» resort complex, with. Olginka Russia
Sanatorium-resort activities, congress tourism, hotel business
15 50 «HERMES» hotel complex, n. Agha, Russia
16 50 «Gisela-Dere» rest Pension «JSC, p. Gizeldere, Russia
Recreation and rest
17 50 «GOLDEN HILLS» Hotel with. Lermontov, Russia
Hotel complex for family rest
18 50 «Green Valley» sanatorium FSSP Russia «FGAU, p. Rest Houses Kuban, Russia
A multidisciplinary health resort with an excellent medical base and a full range of modern medical equipment
19 50
Sanatorium year-round
20 50 LAVICON HOTEL COLLECTION, p. Nebug, Russia
21 50 «Dream» Children's health and leisure complex, town. Dzhubga, Russia
Services for the rehabilitation and treatment of children from 7 to 14 years
22 50 YOUTH TOURISM Travel Agency, Tuapse, Russia
Organization of all types of recreation in Russia, on the Black Sea coast from Abkhazia to Crimea
23 50 «SEA WAVE» DSOL Ltd., p. Lermontov, Russia
Children's sanatorium and recreation camp, as well as Hotel and Car camping
24 50 MARINE STAR Children's recreation complex LLC, Lermontovo village, Russia
One of the leading educational tourism and children's recreation camps
25 50 «Eaglet» VDTS «FGBOU, Tuapse, Russia
All-Russian Children's Center «Orlyonok» - the largest educational and recreational institution for children and youth
26 50 «PARADISE» Hotel with. Olginka Russia
27 50 «CHEMIST» Pension «LLC, p. Novomikhailovsky, Russia
28 50 «Energetic» Recreation Center «JSC (JSC» Recreation Center «Energetik»), p. Shepsi, Russia
Recreation center
29 50 AZIMUT Hotel Prometheus Nebug, village Nebug, Russia
Country hotel with treatment
30 50 «AQUA VITA» Complex roadside service «LLC, p. Nebug, Russia
Comfortable, modern, year-round hotel complex
31 50 «EAST» boarding sanatorium branch of PJSC RSC «Energia». Korolev, p. Novomikhailovsky, Russia
Pension sanatorium type
32 50 «LIGHTNING Yamal» resort complex, with. Nebug, Russia
Year-round resort complex
33 50 «SURGUTNEFTEGAS» PJSC Health Trust «Surgut», sanatorium «Sibiri» sanatorium «Lermontov», a children
Complex of the best health resorts in the Tuapse district
34 50 «Sheps» Pension «AO unit DOL» positive «, Tuapse district, Russia
Boarding house with treatment «Shepsi» welcomes guests from May to October
35 50 «SOUTH» Pension, p. Youzhny, Russia
Providing venues and hotel accommodation for multi-day public events
36 50 «YOUTH» Children's camp year-round LLC, p. Shepsi, Russia
Children's health camp year-round
37 50 MARINE BROTHERHOOD All-year-round children's recreation camp of sanatorium type LLC, item Sports camp Electron, Russia
Children's rest and improvement
38 86 - sea vacation, Gelendzhik, Russia
The largest base of private housing and hotels on the Black Sea coast from Abkhazia to the Crimea, as well as in Bulgaria and Montenegro
39 - «ACADEMY OF HOSPITALITY» Journal, Moscow, Russia
Professional edition for owners and managers of the hotel and restaurant business
40 - ACADEMSERVICE Tour Operator, Moscow, Russia
Full range of hotel and tourist services
41 43 «AquaLoo» CCMA «OOO, Sochi, Russia
Clinical sanatorium complex
Since 1993, specializes exclusively in domestic tourism and offers family and beach holidays, spa treatment, sightseeing, ski, active and event tours
43 - «ALLIANCE TRAVEL AGENCIES» Travel Agents Association for the development of tourist business, Moscow, Russia
Independent association established with the aim of comprehensively promoting the development of the retail segment of the tourist market and protecting the interests of its members
44 20 «AMA» Anapskaya animation workshop ( «Vivat» LLC), Anapa, Russia
Animation workshop
45 76 AMRA PARK-HOTEL & SPA, Gagra, Abkhazia
The provision of accommodation, food, spa services
46 21 «Anastasia» Travel Company Ltd., Sochi, Russia
Group, individual and children's excursion programs around the city of Sochi and Abkhazia
47 120 ANEKS TOURISM VORLDVAYLD ZMSS, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
48 18 ASSOCIATION «tourist and excursion organizations of the city of Sochi» ( «TEOS» Association), Sochi, Russia
In its activities, the TEOS Association is guided by the goals and objectives of protecting and representing the interests of members of the Association working in the tourist and excursion industry, promotes the development of companies, and builds civilized market relations
49 18 "Dzhegosh" Production and Commercial Firm LLC, Sochi, Russia
Providing excursion services
50 18 «Camellia» Tour Desk, IP GYULAMIRYAN RA, Sochi, Russia
156/5000 Avtobusnyye ekskursionnyye marshruty, ekskursionnyye programmy 3-7 dnevnykh turov s uvlekatel'nymi puteshestviyami po g. Sochi i Abkhazii, a takzhe palomnicheskiye tury Bus excursion routes, excursion programs of 3-7 day tours with exciting trips around the city of Sochi and Abkhazia, as w
51 18 «Meridian» Lazarevskoye travel and tours «OOO, Sochi, Russia
Tourist excursion service
52 18 «Vergina Travel» tour agency Ltd., Sochi, Russia
All-season excursion activity
53 18 SSSR-TOUR, Sochi, Russia
Sightseeing activities, transport services
54 18 «Aelita» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Providing excursion and transport services
55 - Association of Tour Operators (ATOR), Moscow, Russia
Established in 2007 to protect the interests of the tour operator community.
56 18 «VESTA-TOUR» Travel Company, IP Ponomarev VA, Sochi, Russia
57 18 «LIGHTS IN SOCHI» Company, Sochi, Russia
Excursion activities
58 62 «ATELIKA» Management Company, Moscow, Russia
Specializes in managing resort hotels in Russia
59 71 «Velvet Season» (Sochi) City Hotel, Sochi, Russia
The resort town on the Black Sea, consisting of the «Alexander Garden», «Catherine Quarter» and «Russian House» quarters. On the territory of the city-hotel there is all the necessary infrastructure, which provides a comfortable rest and long stay all year round.
60 - «Security Tourism» Association, Moscow, Russia
Non-profit organization created to interact with interested authorities in the field of ensuring comprehensive security and anti-terrorism protection of tourist industry objects
61 - «Business of Food Ingredients», the magazine, Chernogolovka, Russia
The only publication in Russia devoted entirely to various aspects of the production, promotion and use of ingredients in all sectors of the food industry
62 103 BIG SOCHI Dolphinarium in the park «Riviera», Sochi, Russia
Big Sochi Dolphinarium
63 41 «Brigantine» OOO, Anapa, Russia
Sanatorium with treatment
64 - Batter, Sochi, Russia
Convenient charging of any phones is a new standard of hospitality.
65 - VIVAT HEALTH sanatorium marketing agency, Moscow, Russia
Conducting audits and training of health centers marketing services in order to increase occupancy and sales
66 - «Vityazevo» Recreation, Anapa, Russia
Recreation center
67 - GEOMETRIA.RU, Sochi, Russia
The largest transnational project working since 2001, specializing in professional photo and video filming, media promotion, advertising and organizing events
68 2
All-season and mountain resort «Gorky Gorod» with a full-fledged infrastructure
69 46 Samara City District
70 46 «Protein» Trading House »Ltd., Samara, Russia
Samara handmade confectionery manufacturer
71 46 «PROS DRESS Sewing Factory» Ltd., Samara, Russia
Production of corporate clothing and textiles for the restaurant and hotel industry
72 46 «TICKET TRAVEL» LLC, Samara, Russia
Rest and treatment abroad; spa treatment and boarding houses; assistance in organizing and conducting seminars and conferences
73 46 «HEALTH SAMARA» Ltd., Samara, Russia
Sanatorium with treatment
74 46 «TALE OF WANDERING» OOO, Samara, Russia
Tour operator specializing in organizing corporate, school and individual excursions in Samara and the Samara region
75 46 «Neighbors» Ltd., Samara, Russia
Curtains Salon
76 46 «FESTPARK» Ltd., Samara, Russia
Camping on the banks of the Volga; camp site for family holidays in a nature reserve
77 57 GRACE Group hotels, Sochi, Russia
Hotel Management Company
78 - GOODS MATRIX, St. Petersburg, Russia
Independent universal online catalog of food and FMCG products for consumers and professionals
79 - «Business Line» LLC, Sochi, Russia
The company for more than 15 years transports groupage cargoes by road and transports cargoes by Euro-trucks
80 104 «DOLPHIN» Tour operator, Moscow, Russia
The largest tour operator in the Russian tourism market
81 -, Moscow, Russia
The largest catalog of sanatoriums, rest houses and boarding houses in Russia and CIS countries
82 - DRIVE NEWS News Agency, Sochi, Russia
DriveNews news agency, in conjunction with the information portal Travel New and the advertising agency «Works», is creating and promoting events in the South of Russia
83 91 EDEM-V-GOSTI.RU - hotel reservation service, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Hotel reservation without intermediaries
84 33 «PEARL» Grand Hotel, Sochi, Russia
Family Hotel
85 - «PEARLS OF THE SOUTH OF RUSSIA», Krasnodar, Russia
The editorial and publishing group «Design Art Yug», is one of the leaders in specialized media
86 84 «Arctic» Sanatorium «OOO, Sochi, Russia
It is an excellent vacation spot where you can get spa treatment in Russia on the highest level
87 - «RESORT» Clinical sanatorium for children and their parents «GBU Kazakhstan, Yevpatoriya, Russia
Clinical sanatorium for children and children with parents
88 48 «The health resort resort town of Anapa» Spa Association «LLC, Anapa, Russia
Organization of leisure: individual, children's, bus, «economy» tours, family holidays and luxury vacations. Organization of exhibitions, seminars, information tours
89 48 «Riviera» Park Hotel, Anapa, Russia
Park Hotel
90 48 «The Black Sea Dawn» Sanatorium «OOO, Anapa, Russia
An excellent choice for those who prefer domestic resorts and wish to undergo a high-quality and low-cost rehabilitation course.
91 48 «Emerald» hotel complex, pos. Vityazevo, Russia
92 13 Spa-Hotel Zelenaya Roshcha
Multidisciplinary health resort, having a modern medical base
93 - «GOLD SOCHI» City Internet portal, Sochi, Russia
City Internet Portal
94 25 Internet portal, Volgograd, Russia
Every day, thousands of Russians choose for themselves a place to rest, a place where they want to spend a vacation, get a lot of positive emotions and relax both spiritually and physically.
95 70
Boarding house with treatment
96 79 «ILONA» Recreational and Educational Center «LLC, Sochi, Russia
Wellness and educational services for children's recreation
97 82 «Imereti» hotel complex, Sochi, Russia
Modern hotel complex Imeretinsky combined 4 * hotel and apartment hotel
98 75 «InvestGroup Hotel» OOO, Gelendzhik, Russia
Kempinski Grand Hotel Gelendzhik - five-star hotel, accommodation services
99 57 «INFORMATION AND TOURIST CENTER» SBD Leningrad region, St. Petersburg, Russia
Information about recreation and tourism in the Leningrad region
100 3 Kabardino-Balkarian Republic
Holidays in the resort town of Nalchik, famous for balneotherapy, mud and climate treatment
101 3 «Pear Grove» sanatorium «LLC, Nalchik, Russia
Sanatorium with treatment
102 3 «Nalchik» resort «JSC, Nalchik, Russia
Balneological and climatic resort of federal significance
103 3 «SANTREK Tour» - a tour operator for domestic and inbound tourism, Terskol, Russia
Tour operator in the North Caucasus
104 3 «BATH» JSC, Nalchik, Russia
A wide selection of balneological procedures for treatment
105 3 «Cheget» complex cableways Ltd., p. Terskol, Russia
Cableway complex
106 3 «Elbrus» Pendulum lift «Ltd., p. Terskol, Russia
Performs the ascent directly along the slope of Mount Elbrus to an altitude of 3850m from sea level
107 68 «Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve NAME HG Shaposhnikova «FGBU, Sochi, Russia
Environmental protection, research and environmental education activities, the development of educational tourism
108 - «Konti-Press» Ltd., Krasnodar, Russia
Publishing House
109 108 The Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan
invites you to a country of peace and harmony, where antiquity coexists with modernity, and Eastern traditions with western modern
110 10 «Krasnaya Polyana TRAVEL» LLC, «Tour Operator of children's holiday» Plus «, Sochi, Russia
DMC on the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana. Organization of children's outdoor activities
111 - «Kuban STATEMENTS», Krasnodar, Russia
The newspaper «Peasant», the magazine «Business Peasant»
112 - «Kuban» Information Agency «, Krasnodar, Russia
Founder and publisher of specialized catalogs for the Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea
113 28 «Resorts and Tourism» magazine, Krasnodar, Russia
Advertising and Publishing Center in the South of Russia
114 - «BUY and SELL Sochi» newspaper, Sochi, Russia
Popular weekly free classified ads
115 - «Resort STATEMENTS» Journal, Moscow, Russia
The journal publishes information about the resort regions of Russia and world centers for therapeutic recreation.
116 28 «KubanKurortResurs» OOO, Krasnodar, Russia
Advertising and Publishing Center in the South of Russia
117 107 RESORTS Karachay-Cherkess Republic
118 107 Laypanova Madina Kazimiovna PI p.Arhyz, Russia
Hotel ROYAL Arkhyz
119 107 «Alibek» Therapeutic recreation base «LLC, Karachaevsk, Russia
Activities of hotels and other places for temporary residence
120 107 GEDIEV RA SP, p. Arkhyz, Russia
Hire and rental of leisure and sports goods
121 107 «DOMBAY Palace» Hotel Complex «LLC, p. Dombay, Russia
Activities of hotels and other places for temporary residence
122 107 «PikEkspioiens» LLC, p. Arkhyz, Russia
Hire and rental of leisure and sports goods
123 107 Semnyi AA SP, Karachaevsk, Russia
Activities for the provision of places for short stay
124 - «Resorts of Krasnodar area» An event management GBU KK, Krasnodar, Russia
The main purpose of the Event Directorate is to attract to the Krasnodar Territory a tourist flow from other regions of the Russian Federation, as well as from near and far abroad with the help of significant tourist events of various orientations.
125 - «LINE OF FLIGHT» Magazine for air passengers, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
A unique free distribution system: on flights of 12 airlines and on counters at 19 airports
126 72 «Magadan» resort «of Sochi, Russia
Year-round health resort, offering its guests a full rest and quality spa treatment
127 - SOCHI24.TV Portal, Sochi, Russia
City information portal of Big Sochi, covering all spheres of city life and all Internet services, with the necessary information for residents and guests
128 60 SMALL JERUSALEM Cultural and Ethnographic Center Municipal Autonomous Institution of the City District of Yevpatoriya of the Republic of Crimea
Famous children's health resort and family resort
129 16 «MegaFon» PAT, Caucasian branch, regional office Sochi, Sochi, Russia
MegaFon is an operator of new opportunities that offers convenient and progressive telecom solutions for the business sector and government organizations.
130 - Medical portal YELLMED, Moscow, Russia
On the portal you will find everything about medicine and more.
131 26 «Mineral» Sanatorium «LLC, Hadyzhensk, Russia
The provision of spa services with treatment
132 85/7 La Terrassa Hotel, Sochi, Russia
Hotel and restaurant complex
133 85/6 «PARADISE» Hotel, Sochi, Russia
Hotel Services
134 59 Ministry of Culture of Moscow Region, Moscow, Russia
Executive and administrative activities in the Moscow region in the field of culture and tourism
135 56 Ministry of tourism and health resort of Stavropol Territory Yessentuki, Russia
Executive authority of the Stavropol Territory
136 62 «MULTITUR» Tour operator, Moscow, Russia
Tour operator
137 12 Municipality of Novorossiysk
138 - «NEW SOCHI» RMS «OOO, Sochi, Russia
Tour operator, host company in Sochi
139 - «OMEGA» Center «nao, Sochi, Russia
Management of commercial real estate and hotel fund; organization of sports, commercial and exhibition events; operation of buildings and structures
140 - «Eaglet» All-Russia Children's Center FGBOU, p. Novomikhailovsky, Russia
All-Russian Children's Center
141 64 «NTK Intourist» Ltd., Moscow, Russia
The company is a leader in the inbound tourism market and is among the top 5 largest tour operators in the outbound tourism market.
142 78 «REST IN RUSSIA» Journal, Moscow, Russia
The first and only glossy magazine dedicated to domestic and inbound tourism
143 95 Relaxation. on, Krasnodar, Russia
A single booking center in the Krasnodar Territory and Adygea
Walking on a sailing yacht, rental, competitions, weekend regattas, sea fishing, training in a sailing school for children and adults
145 27 «PRESTIGE» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Modern four-star complex on the very sea shore
146 - PROTURIZM.CLUB, St. Petersburg, Russia
Internet portal for travelers and industry professionals
147 63 “PROFKURORT” FNPR SKO, Moscow, Russia
It specializes in spa treatment and recreation at sanatoriums and pensions in Russian resorts
148 - RUSSIAN TRAVEL DIGEST, Moscow, Russia
The only professional source of information about the Russian tourist market in English
149 81 «RESTALKO» LLC, Fordewind Hotel 4 *, Gelendzhik Park 5 *, Moscow, Russia
Operation, construction and commercial management of hotel facilities
150 - Riviera Sochi, tour operator, Sochi, Russia
Tour operator since 1999, all areas of Greater Sochi and the south of Russia
151 - «ROSYUGKURORT» RMS, Sochi, Russia
A major tourist operator of the city of Sochi
152 Russian Tourism Industry Union, Moscow, Russia
Protecting the interests of the Russian tourist business
153 -, St. Petersburg, Russia
Always current tourism news, articles and interviews, photo reports from the most significant events
154 SANATORIA.RU line registry sanatoriums, Moscow, Russia
Large electronic registry of resorts in Russia with a convenient search feature
155 - Sanatorium ROSSII.RF, Kazan, Russia
Years of experience in the field of recreation segment has allowed us to create a reliable circle of partners among travel agencies and sanatorium-resort institutions
156 24 «Sanatorium» Saki «OOO, Saki, Russia
Activity of sanatorium organizations
157 115 SWISS EDUCATION GROUP Swiss universities Switzerland
Swiss universities SEG and the Institute «Cesar Ritz» offer higher, second higher education and hotel management programs
158 - «FREE PRESS Publishing House» LLC, Sochi, Russia
Online edition, news, articles, reviews about the life and work of Greater Sochi
159 - «SOBAKA.RU» Federal Journal, Sochi, Russia
A unique brand with a 17-year history and the largest federal network of urban lifestyle and fashion publications
160 45
Hotel service, tourism
161 - SvoyHotel, Ltd. His vehicle, Moscow, Russia
The system of booking hotels and additional services in Russia online
162 69 UNION TRANSPORT OF THE REPUBLIC OF ABKHAZIA The Republic of Abkhazia, Sukhum
The Union of Transport Workers of the Republic of Abkhazia was created to consolidate all transport workers of the country
163 11 SOLOHAUL PARK, Sochi, Russia
Landscape adventure park for the whole family
164 87 «SOCHI PRESS» Printing house of a full cycle, Sochi, Russia
Typography full cycle
165 14а «SOLOHAULSKY TEA» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Production and sale of agricultural products
166 17 SOCHIPANO.RU 360 Panoramas and virtual tours in Sochi
Our team creates high-quality Panoramas 360 and Virtual Tours, this is one of the most effective ways to get closer to people and find new customers.
167 149 The STI, the Regional Information-Analytical Center, Novosibirsk, Russia
Regional Information and Analytical Center
168 31 SUTOCHNO.RU OOO, Ulyanovsk, Russia
Russian online booking service for travel
169 101 «ТВИЛ» ООО, Москва, Россия
All-Russian booking service that allows you to make reservations for hotels, cottages and apartments presented on the Site throughout Russia
170 -, Moscow, Russia
Information resource on treatment and rehabilitation in Russia and abroad
171 147, Moscow, Russia
TopHotels is an informational rating of hotels, based on the opinions of travel business experts and tourists. All hotels, prices, descriptions, reviews
172 -, Saratov, Russia
Russia's first Internet project dedicated to the latest IT developments in the tourism business
173 - TRAVEL RUSSIAN NEWS, Moscow, Russia
The multifunctional portal Travel Russian News focuses on tourism industry professionals who value intelligence, accuracy and professionalism.
174 29 TOURBUSINESS IN NORTHWEST, St. Petersburg, Russia
Information and analytical magazine
175 30 «Tourist» newspaper - the body of the Rostov branch of the National Academy of Tourism, Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Organ of the Rostov branch of the Russian Union of Travel Industry
176 - «TURSVODKA» travel portal, Moscow, Russia
information on 196 countries, 43343 cities, 1310 resorts; s 273,000 hotels; 5186 tourist reviews
177 61 «UVA» Multi Tourist Information Center «LLC, Ufa, Russia
Travel agent who is responsible for the variety of excursion services and the development of domestic tourism
178 61 STATE Republic of Bashkortostan for business and tourism, Ufa, Russia
Coordinates and regulates the development and support of small and medium-sized businesses
179 61 BUSINESS SUPPORT CENTER - Fund of development and support of small business of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, Russia
Development Fund and support of small entrepreneurship of the Republic of Bashkortostan
180 61 TOURISM DEVELOPMENT CENTER Republic of Bashkortostan, Ufa, Russia
An organization uniting the organizations of hospitality and tourism industry of Bashkiria
181 61 «Abzakovo» LLC, p. Novoabzakovo, Russia
The resort Abzakovo is unique and it consists of 2 parts: a ski center and a holiday home
182 61 «WELCOME» OOO, Ufa, Russia
Tour operator Welcome realizes ethnoprojects in Bashkortostan for Russia and abroad
183 61 «KREKS» Tourist Company OOO, Ufa, Russia
International routes, a range of services for tour operators and travel agents: international outbound and inbound tourism, domestic tourism
184 61 «Pavlovsk Park» LLC, a year-round recreation center with. Pavlovka, Russia
Year-round recreation center
185 61 «Woodlands» OOO, Ufa, Russia
Tour operator
186 61 «URAL-Tengri» Company with. Kaga, Russia
Tour operator of ecological tourism, offers various options for active recreation in the South Ural
187 61 «Jubilee» Sanatorium «LLC, d. Green fields, Russia
Sanatorium with treatment
188 - Community FRONTDESK.RU hospitality professionals, Moscow, Russia
One of the leading portals in the hospitality industry in Russia and the CIS
189 - «Hedhanterov» Ltd., Moscow, Russia
HeadHunter Group is a leading online recruitment company developing business in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan
190 140 CENTER cluster development Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Naryan-Mar, Russia
The purpose of the Cluster is to increase the competitiveness of enterprises of the tourist-recreational complex, promote domestic tourist product and expand the range of tourist services.
191 -, Moscow, Russia
The main Internet resource of the industry of hospitality and food
192 - «REFRIGERATION INDUSTRY» portal, Moscow, Russia
Refrigeration and Business Portal
193 77 «Chelyuskintsev» Rest House, Gagra, Abkhazia
Hotel business
194 58
195 100 «Black Sea Cruises» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Operator of sea cruises on the Prince Vladimir liner
196 15,171 Ekzarho I.G. SP, FERMA EXARCHO, Sochi, Russia
Cheese and dairy production, bakery production, jam and jams
197 92/10 «ABARA» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Sightseeing activities
198 92/3 AVATAR OOO, Sochi, Russia
Tours of Sochi and hotel accommodation
199 92/8 «Aguri» Ltd Tourist excursion firm, Sochi, Russia
Organizing and conducting tours of the city of Sochi and the Republic of Abkhazia
200 92 Gloria OOO, Sochi, Russia
Tours of Sochi and hotel accommodation
201 92/8 «GLORIA» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Excursion and travel company offering a wide range of excursion routes, as well as travel to any country
202 92/8 «ADLERSERVIS» OOO, Sochi, Russia
203 92/6 «Golden Palm» excursion company Sochi, Russia
Tour company
204 92/1 «VICTORIA» OOO, Sochi, Russia
The company has many years of experience in excursion activities, as well as in the transportation of working staff of hotels, hotels, etc., transfer
205 92/6 «Greater Sochi» Travel and Tours, Sochi, Russia
Sightseeing activities
206 92/6 Sightseeing Company Ltd. «GALS»
Travel agency
207 92/15 «EMPIRE TOURISM» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Multi-tour Domestic Tour Operator
208 92/11 «Lazarevski RECREATION» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Domestic tourism
209 92/7 LEADER Tourist and excursion company LLC, Sochi, Russia
Tourist excursion service, organization of seminars
210 92/12 «Spark» tourist excursion club «OOO, Sochi, Russia
Tour Service
211 92/11 «REST IN SOCHI» Tour Desk «OOO, Sochi, Russia
212 92/12 «PARK plus» Tourdesk MUP «Parks» Riviera-Sochi «, Sochi, Russia
Excursions and entertainment for every taste
213 92/2 «SEARCH» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Sightseeing activities transport services school tours
214 92/13 «RUSSIAN SOUTH» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Sightseeing and tourist activities
215 92/10 «Ruta» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Tourist excursion activity
216 92/7 «Sochi-PRESTIGE» Tour Desk, IP MELETLYAN AA, Sochi, Russia
Organization of excursions around the city of Sochi and to Abkhazia
217 92/11 «FIS Tour» Ltd., Sochi, Russia
218 92/14 «Khostinsky RECREATION» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Tourist excursion company
219 92/3 «EX-TOUR» LLC, Sochi, Russia
Accommodation in hotels and resorts in Sochi and Abkhazia, excursion service
220 92/9 SOUTH TOUR LLC, Sochi, Russia
Excursion service. Transport service. MICE. Conferences, seminars
221 -, Moscow, Russia
Information portal dedicated to exhibitions, conferences and congress and exhibition business
222 14 «EkspressAvto» Transport Company Ltd., Sochi, Russia
Provision of transportation services
223 - «EFKATE» of Sochi, Russia
TV company
224 19 «SOUTH OF RUSSIA. Resorts, tourism, leisure «- information and advertising catalog, Krasnodar, Russia
Information and advertising annual catalog
225 - «SOUTH TIMES», Krasnodar, Russia
Conceptually new, the only weekly in the south of Russia, which is published in Russian and English
226 94 «SOUTHERN SEASIDE» resort, Sochi, Russia
Legendary Black Sea resort for recreation and recreation
227 - «Antiterror INFO» LLC, Krasnodar, Russia
The provision of information and consulting services in the field of security
228 171 A.Family Group Restaurants Holding, Sochi, Russia
Successful and dynamically developing restaurant holding
229 177 «AT TEKS» Ltd., Moscow, Russia
Our company is engaged in equipping the entire range of textiles for hotels and restaurants.
230 175 «Barhat» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Complex equipment segment HoReCa in the segment of cleanliness and hygiene
231 170 GREEN TIME, Lamifaren, Sochi, Russia
Exclusive representative of the spa direction
232 155 «BON APPETITE» Federal operator of the power facilities management, Moscow, Russia
Bon Appetit provides a full range of catering management services.
233 178 GS info - innovative unit PR Media group «City-C», Sochi, Russia
Modern solutions for advertising and expanding the service of enterprises and objects of the tourist industry
234 171 «EAST BLOCK» Ltd., Cafe «Eastern Block», Sochi, Russia
235 181 «Spindles Company» Ltd., Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Textile production for HoReCa
236 -, Moscow, Russia
The portal is an online catalog of the “Suppliers of the meat industry” by companies-producers and suppliers of equipment, packaging and ingredients for meat processing and production of meat products
237 180 «Novokubansky Dairy Plant» LLC, Novokubansk, Russia
Dairy manufacturer
238 176 NN Nikolenko IP, Moscow, Russia
Representative of the developer of portable massage devices
239 157 OMI-KO company, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Production and wholesale of disposable slippers and mini-cosmetics
240 159 «Hotel» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Provision of hotel complexes, sanatoriums and boarding houses with all necessary
241 126 «OtelProfi» OOO, Sochi, Russia
Complex equipment of hotels and resorts
242 143 «PLATINUM» Ltd., Moscow, Russia
The company is the exclusive distributor in Russia of the Italian factory for the production of premium floating furniture Trona
243 - - professional portal for hoteliers
Professional portal for hoteliers
244 158 «RUSSIAN Caviar House» Ltd., Moscow, Russia
Russia's largest aquaculture enterprise for sturgeon growing and caviar production
245 174 «SMP Bank» JSC, Sochi, Russia
Commercial bank providing a full range of banking services to individuals and legal entities
246 165 TorgZnakServis TD, Domodedovo, Russia
A company specializing in the production and sale of sanitary ware designed specifically for the Russian market
247 185 «TOTEM» Gift Factory, Krasnoyarsk, Russia
Production of souvenirs
248 161 TREARTEKS, Moscow, Russia
Provides supplies of hard-to-ignite interior textiles for public facilities such as hotels, restaurants, theaters, etc.
249 160 «TRADE COMFORT» GC (LLC «Artaxias»), Sochi, Russia
Producer and supplier of the widest range of products for the integrated provision of service companies: hotels, sanatoria, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, cleaning companies
250 171 Restaurant Baikal, Sochi, Russia
Catering services for the population
Comprehensive support for business entities in the Zabaikalsky Krai, creating optimal conditions for the development of small and medium-sized businesses in the region
252 184 «Jubilee» Winery LLC, p. Krasnoarmeyskiy, Russia
Wine production from grapes