Sochi International Forum for Tourism


22-27 November 2015
Second Sochi International Forum for Tourism - SIFT.
XXII International Tourism Exhibition "RESORTS AND TOURISM SEASON 2015-2016"
XVI International Specialized Exhibition "HOTEL AND RESTAURANT BUSINESS 2015"

Greeting speech of the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism - O.P. SAFONOV


Head of 
Federal Agency for Tourism

Dear friends!

    I wholeheartedly welcome the organizers, participants   and guests of the International Tourism Forum in Sochi «Resorts and Tourism. Season 2015-2016».

    This forum is, perhaps, the main Russian platform for the development of business communications in the field of domestic and inbound tourism. It is entirely aimed at solving the tasks that we consider priority, and contributes to the promotion and strengthening of the image of Russia as a tourist country on the international arena. I am sincerely glad that his popularity and authority are growing year by year.

    International Tourist Forum in Sochi – This is the meeting place for leading industry professionals, promising participants of the tourism services market and representatives of regional authorities interested in developing their territories through the implementation of tourist and recreational potential.

    I am sure that it is here, at the forum, that participants will find new opportunities for expanding business communications, exchanging professional experience and establishing mutually beneficial cooperation. 

    I wish all the guests and participants of the event fruitful work, to achieve their goals!

Welcome speech of the Minister of resorts and tourism of the Krasnodar Territory E.V. KUDELYA


Minister of resorts and tourism
Of the Krasnodar Territory

Dear participants! 

    Second time in Sochi is the International Tourism Forum. Already on the basis of the results of the first year of work, he won the prestige of one of the most effective business sites for tourism. Today, in the conditions of the changed tourist market, focusing on inbound tourism, it is especially important to prepare new, interesting and popular tours, recreational and health programs for tourists.

    Exhibition «Resorts and Tourism» For 22 years now it has served as a launching pad before the start of the next tourist year. Most sanatoria, boarding houses, hotels and recreation centers are represented here, not only in the Krasnodar Territory, but also in the south of Russia. Meetings of tour operators, carriers and entertainment organizers are held. Several days of work allow to form a whole complex of projects for implementation in the new season.

    I wish you all fruitful work, profitable contracts and successful business in 2016.

Welcoming speech of the Vice President of the Russian Union Tour Industry Y.A.BARZYKIN


Vice President
Russian Union of Travel Industry
Chairman of the RF CCI Committee on Entrepreneurship in Tourism

Dear colleagues!

      On behalf of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (PCT), the largest business association in the hospitality industry of our country and the profile committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, I am glad to welcome the organizers and participants of the 2nd International Tourism Forum 2015-2016. In the city of Sochi.

    I think it is very important that the leadership of Sochi and the Krasnodar Territory as a whole pays special attention to the development of inbound and inland tourism in the framework of the implementation of the instructions of the Presidium of the State Council under the President of the Russian Federation of August 17, 2015.

    Today, the goal of tourism development in the Russian Federation should be the formation of a modern, efficient and competitive tourism market that provides ample opportunities to meet the needs of Russian and foreign citizens in tourism services, increase employment and income levels of the population.

    Kuban – The most visited region of Russia, the resorts of the Black Sea coast annually take tourists more than all foreign countries, where our compatriots go for tourism. And in this sense, the International Tourism Forum in Sochi: & laquo; Resorts and tourism: Time to rest in Russia & raquo; Is one of the important links in the chain of activities to promote tourism opportunities in the Krasnodar Territory and other regions of Russia.

    Today Sochi – The most modern and comfortable multi-purpose year-round resort in Russia. This is a huge complex of renovated and newly constructed facilities for sanatorium-resort and hotel-restaurant complexes. The Sochi forum is unique, first of all, and what is held in a place that in itself is an interesting tourist product. 

    Historically, tourism developed on the basis of a sanatorium and resort complex, while medical, medical and health services were and are absolutely competitive, as they are 4-5 times cheaper, and many have no analogues abroad, but it is necessary to provide Formation and promotion of a sanatorium-resort tourist product together with tour operators.

    The availability of sanatoriums at Russian resorts makes it possible for them to be year-round loaded. It is important to maintain the current system of protection, development and support of health-improving areas and resorts, as well as the resort infrastructure.

    I wish the participants and organizers of the International Tourism Forum new achievements, successful and fruitful work.

Welcoming speech. Heads of Sochi city A.N. PAKHOMOV

Глава города Сочи А.Н. ПАХОМОВ

Head of Sochi

Dear friends! 

    I am glad to welcome you again at the International Tourism Forum in Sochi.

In the autumn, when the tourist industry has completed the summer season and is preparing for a busy winter season, Sochi is hosting the entire tourist complex of Russia.

    Our tourism industry is developing very actively, using its unique resources and successful international experience. More and more resorts are moving to a year-round schedule, offering a modern, competitive tour product.

    This dynamically growing market for domestic and inbound tourism, of course, needs its constantly operating business platform. And we have every reason to state that the forum in Sochi has become a center of attraction for Russian tourism.

    In comparison with the first Forum, this year the number of participants has increased, the business program has become more specialized. We also expect an increase in the number of specialists from all over Russia who will come to the Forum to establish business contacts. 

    A good result for Sochi is that foreign tour operators, as well as official state delegations, in particular from China, with whom the South of Russia is actively developing business cooperation, including in the sphere of tourism, will come to the Forum on a business visit.

We wish success to all participants and guests of the Forum. Welcome to Sochi!

Welcoming speech of the Director General of the NJSC «Omega Center» V.V. DANCHENKO

General director f the NJSC «Omega Center» V.V. DANCHENKO

General director
NJSC «Omega Center»

Dear participants 
XXII International Tourism Exhibition «Resorts and Tourism. Season 2015-2016» And the International Tourism Forum!

      NJSC «Omega Center» Is one of the largest companies in the Krasnodar Territory that has built and successfully operates the hotel and tourist facilities, as well as the Sochi Autodrome, the Indoor Skating Center Adler Arena, the Main Media Center, the Olympic Park. 

      In 2015, the Company organized and conducted events of international and regional importance: FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX RUSSIA, International Investment Forum, Sport Akkrod, airshow the Olympic sky and many others. Altogether in 2015, the NJSC «Omega Center» 144 events were held.

      In view of the importance of the activities carried out by the company, & NJSC «Omega Center» Offers for 2016 tour operators accommodation in the hotel fund "Velvet Seasons", which is 9 thousand rooms, with the possibility of attending events organized by the company NJSC «Omega Center» and And the administration of Sochi. For example, the new proposal of the Company – Combining recreation near the sea with skiing. From the city-hotel & la Velvet Seasons & raquo; To the ski slope just 30 minutes. 

      In the summer of next year in the resort city of Sochi will be World Choral Games. The center of the grandiose choral action will be the Sochi Olympic Park. And in this project of the NAO «Center Omega» Offers tour operators the services of the hotel complex «Velvet seasons». 

      I am confident that the work of the Forum and the agreements signed on it will have a positive impact on the development of the tourist industry of our country and the Krasnodar Territory in particular. I wish the organizers, participants and guests of the International Tourism Forum in Sochi fruitful work in the atmosphere of business mutual understanding, creative initiatives and successful achievement of the goals!

Welcoming speech of Yu. A.ZAKHARCHENKO, General Director of SOUD-Sochi Exhibitions LLC

General Director of SOUD-Sochi Exhibitions LLC Yu. A.ZAKHARCHENKO

eneral Director
of SOUD-Sochi Exhibitions LLC

Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

On behalf of the organizers, I welcome you to the hospitable Sochi land!

We are glad to see again the full color of the Russian tourist industry at the 22nd International Tourism Exhibition «Resorts and tourism. Season 2015-2016» in the framework of the International Tourism Forum. The holding of this large-scale event has strengthened the status of the exhibition and the city of Sochi itself as the main business site for domestic and incoming tourism in Russia.

Мы рады вновь увидеть на весь цвет российской туротрасли на XXII Международной туристской выставке «Курорты и туризм. Сезон 2015-2016» в рамках Международного туристского форума. Проведение этого масштабного мероприятия укрепило статус выставки и самого города Сочи как главной деловой площадки по внутреннему и въездному туризму в России.

Today, in connection with the changed international situation, domestic tourism has become the main direction of development of our tourist industry. It so happened that the Middle East and a number of other areas, which were recently in high demand by our tour operators and vacationers, are not considered today as reliable and promising. And this gives Russia a chance at & laquo; import substitution & raquo; Tourist services.

The crisis is opening the opportunity for all our tourist enterprises to make a qualitative leap: to develop new directions in tourism, to improve the quality of services provided, to fully exploit the identity and rich potential of Russian destinations. At this moment it is very important for business to communicate, exchange experience, talk with authorities, enter new markets. For all this, we invite everyone to Sochi, to the main business site for domestic and incoming tourism – Exhibition «Resorts and tourism. Season 2015-2016» In the framework of the International Tourism Forum.

I wish you all successful work, active development, bright impressions and mutually beneficial contracts! Welcome!

The final press release of the INTERNATIONAL TOURISM FORUM IN SOCHI - SIFT-2015

SIFT - Sochi International Forum for Tourism

From 22 to 27 November 2015 in the resort city of Sochi was the International Tourism Forum, held under the auspices of the Administration of the city of Sochi.

Location: Sochi, Main Media Center, Imeretinskaya Lowland.

The Forum was held with the assistance of:

  • Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation,
  • Russian Union of Travel Industry,   Russian Hotel Association,
  • Administration of Krasnodar Region,
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Krasnodar Region,
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the city of Sochi, tour operator «Alean» (Moscow),
  • Tour operator TBC «Aelita» (Sochi)

Within the framework of the Forum:

  • XXII International Tourism Exhibition «Resorts and Tourism. Season 2015-2016» (November 26-27, 2015)
  • XVI International Specialized Exhibition «Hotel and Restaurant Business 2015» (November 26-27, 2015)
  • Congress «Development of domestic and incoming tourism. New perspectives and mechanisms for their implementation » (November 26-27, 2015)
  • Study and educational tours on the objects of resort and business Sochi (November 22-25, 2015).

This year the Forum in Sochi confidently confirmed its status as the main business site for domestic and incoming tourism in Russia. This is indicated by everything: the increase in the number of participants and visitors, the increased attention and support from the authorities at both the regional and federal levels, as well as the current topics of the business program and the experts who have already started receiving feedback from the Forum.

Today's situation is pushing the Russian tourist industry to focus on the domestic market, in light of which the need for joint search for effective ways to solve the problems of our tourism industry increases. And now Sochi, the Olympic and resort capital of our country, has become the main business site for domestic and incoming tourism.

The first event of the Forum was launched on November 22: familiarization and educational tours on the objects of resort and business Sochi. Tours covered the main categories of destinations in Sochi:

- mountain cluster («mountains»);

- Coastal cluster («Sea»);

- Sanatorium and balneological complex («Treatment and rehabilitation»);

- Resources for corporate events and large-scale events («MICE»);

- Attractions of the resort city («Attractions and excursions»).

In addition, a number of major tour operators timed to the holding of the Forum their information tours for partners, thanks to which the audience of the Sochi Forum was supplemented by a significant number of participants from various regions of the Russian Federation.

More than 200 tour operators and travel agents became participants in the tours. The tours are organized by the TBC companies «Aelita», the national tour operator «ALEAN», the Sochi tour operators «Sochi Riviera», «Rosugkurort» and «New Sochi».

On November 26 the first day of the exhibition and congress part of the International Tourism Forum in Sochi was successfully held.

Start the first day gave a solemn opening ceremony of the Forum. The following took part in it:

  • Konyushkov A.A., Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism;
  • Pakhomov A.N., Head of Sochi;
  • Kudela E.V., Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Krasnodar Territory;
  • Zakharchenko Yu.A., General Director of LLC « SOUD-Sochi exhibitions».

After the solemn opening ceremony, the members of the official delegation got acquainted with the exposition of the exhibition and communicated with its participants.

The guests of the Exhibition and Congress were 6034 people from most of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, such as: Central, Southern, North-Western, Far Eastern, Siberian, Ural, Privolzhsky, North Caucasus, Crimean Federal Districts, from the Republics of Adygea, North Ossetia-Alania, Karelia , Komi, Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Chuvashia, from as well as from abroad, including from China, USA, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, the Republic of Moldova, Abkhazia, Ukraine, Georgia, etc. 91% of visitors – Specialists of the industry.

An official delegation from China visited the Tourforum as part of the leadership of Chengdu (Sichuan Province).

The business part of the Forum was visited by about 2000 people.

Even before the official opening ceremony of the Tour Forum, there was a business breakfast from the Head of the city of Sochi, where Anatoly Pakhomov met with specialists of the tourist business and representatives of relevant departments from the regions of Russia.

Officially, the Congress opened a plenary session «Development of domestic and incoming tourism. New perspectives and mechanisms for their implementation».

It was attended by:

  • Konyushkov Alexey Alekseevich, Deputy Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism;
  • Anatoly Pakhomov, Head of Sochi;
  • Kudela Evgeny Vladimirovich, minister of resorts and tourism of the Krasnodar Territory;
  • Krivonosov Sergey Vladimirovich, deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation;
  • Wang Guangyan, deputy head of the international cooperation department of the Association for the Establishment of International Contacts in Chengdu;
  • Joe Haibo, head of the marketing department of the Tourism Administration of Chengdu;
  • lexander Nikolaevich Razumov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation;
  • Lomidze Maya, Executive Director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia;
  • Barzykin Yuri Alexandrovich, vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry.

After the meeting, a press conference was held, in which about 80 representatives of federal and regional media of Russia took part.

Within the framework of the round table «Results of the season. How to evaluate success and how to repeat it» Interesting figures and facts were heard on the results of the 2015 season. Participants discussed the loading of Russian resorts, the most pressing problems that hamper the work of travel agents and tour operators, and ways out of the crisis.

At the conference «Modern technologies of recovery in the practice of sanatorium-and-spa treatment» Discussed modern trends in sanatorium-resort treatment, as well as unique methods of healing and inclusion in standard treatment complexes of the latest anti-aging and spa-improvement programs.

Also a great interest among the visitors of the Congress was caused by the seminar «Internet technologies as an effective tool to increase sales», Where the experts of the hotel market told how to effectively promote and conduct sales in the online space and what opportunities for additional revenue is provided by the automation of the enterprise.

Participants of the exhibition exposition of the Forum were 270 leading enterprises of the tourism industry from various regions of Russia. The largest number of participants has traditionally come from the Krasnodar Territory. These are large Sochi hotels, representatives of tourist business of Gelendzhik, Anapa, Tuapse, Hot Key and resorts of the South of Russia. Also this year, the regions of the Middle and Siberian regions joined us, including the Krasnodar Territory, the Crimea, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Adygea, Volgograd, Belgorod and others.

It is pleasant to note that along with the companies that perform at the exhibition site under the wing of the authoritative exhibition "Resorts and tourism." Season 2015-2016 & raquo; this year, all components of the HoReCa & ndash; Within the framework of the XVI International Specialized Exhibition & laquo; Hotel and Restaurant Business 2015 & raquo ;. The first day of work showed a high demand for the products and services presented: from high-quality food products to specialized equipment for the spa industry, restaurants.

The rapid transformation of Sochi into the southern center of business and cultural life of Russia dictates high demands on managers and staff of hotels, restaurants, sanatoriums, cultural and sports complexes. In this regard, the exhibition «Hotel and Restaurant business 2015 » Became a platform that unites the companies of the city and many regions of our country in the idea of ​​having to offer guests innovations in service, interior design, catering and entertainment. The exhibition was interesting to the exhibitors as an opportunity to announce themselves, to conduct new advertising campaigns, to expand markets, to showcase advanced manufacturing technologies for the hospitality industry, which can significantly improve the level of service. Visitors, among whom, in the main, were managers of the supply departments of enterprises, in turn, were able to enter into direct contracts with manufacturers, expand the scope of business contacts, purchase copies of textile products, taste and buy various food products at company stands. In general, according to the feedback of the participants, the exhibition was effective and exceeded the expectations of the majority of exhibitors: the event attracted all those who decided to be one step ahead of the market requirements. Now businessmen are waiting for the development of business contacts established at the exhibition in the coming months and are preparing to participate in the Tourist Forum next year.

Among the exhibitors are such famous brands as:

  • All-season mountain resort «Rosa Khutor»;
  • hotel «Имеретинский»;
  • hotel «Radisson Lazurnaya»;
  • hotel Bridge Resort;
  • hotel RADISSON BLU;
  • The first theme park in Russia «Sochi Park»;
  • objects NAO «Center «Omega»;
  • Caucasian State Biosphere Reserve;
  • airline «Turkish Airlines»;
  • National Tour Operator «ALEAN»;
  • Tour Operator «Dolphin» and many others.

On the second day of the International Tourism Forum in Sochi, the event was visited by Igor Levitin – Assistant to the President of the Russian Federation, Secretary of the State Council of the Russian Federation. The assistant to the President of the Russian Federation began his visit with an official examination of the exhibition. Konyushkov Alexey Alexeyevich, deputy head of the Federal Agency for Tourism, familiarized himself with the stands of the participants; Kudela Evgeny Vladimirovich, minister of resorts and tourism of the Krasnodar Territory; Anatoly Pakhomov, the head of the city of Sochi, and the organizers of the Forum.

After bypassing the exhibition, Igor Levitin held a meeting with tour operators from various regions of Russia. The main topic of the discussion within the framework of the meeting is «On the progress in the implementation of the list of instructions of the President of the Russian Federation», «on the development of tourism in the Russian Federation » (From 17/08/2015, No. Pr-1893GS), there were actual problems and prospects for the development of the Russian tourist industry, taking into account the Presidium of the State Council held this year in Yalta. The meeting was also attended by authorized representatives of federal executive bodies.

The events of the Congress continued in the main areas: blocks for travel agencies, hotels and inbound tourism, within the framework of which the specialists visited the conference "Retail Market: how to continue living", the business site "Hotel as a product of sale and service. «They say experts and practitioners» And a round table «Inbound tourism in practice: is Russia ready to receive foreigners».

As a result of all the events of the Congress, documents will be prepared that cover the issues discussed and the problems of the industry, for their further lobbying in the federal legislative and executive bodies.

Next year, the International Tourism Forum in Sochi will be held from November 20 to 25. We will be glad to see you again! See you in the sunny resort and business Sochi!

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Additional events within the framework of the Forum:

The host tour operator «Riviera-Sochi» conducted a familiarization tour for tour operators and travel agents on 21.11.2015. To 27.11.2015. With a visit to the business program of the Forum.

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