Sochi International Forum for Tourism


25-28 November 2014
The First Sochi International Forum for Tourism - SIFT.
XXI international tourist exhibition "RESORTS AND TOURISM. SEASON 2014-2015"
XV International specialized exhibition "HOTEL-RESTAURANT BUSINESS 2014"

Knockin 'on Heaven...

First, some numbers. This summer, direct airfare from Novosibirsk to Sochi and about inversely varied from 45 thousand rubles. In this package tour in Turkey in the hotel "three stars" for six nights on an "all inclusive" cost of 23.5 thousand rubles. Is it any wonder that even samyesamye patriots who sincerely wish to get acquainted with the modern Olympic history of their country and to support the city in its hopes of an excellent tourist season, went to the Turkish coast?

From those who want to visit a round table with the theme "Transportation to the resorts. Problems and solutions "was not rebound. This problem remains unresolved for many years, so that all interested persons to send were in the room with hope: what if?

Transportation to the resorts. Problems and solutions

Ilya Belavintsev, deputy director of the department of state policy in the field of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transport:

- I would like to start with an article-sticks, which is a better basis for analysis.

For 10 months in 2014 air transport already benefited about 80 million passengers. In relation to last year, passenger traffic grew by 11%. the growth in the domestic market amounted to about 1217%. That is, in this year for the first time in a situation where domestic traffic outstripped growth in international. Undoubtedly, these results were, inter alia, are possible thanks to the decisions that have been taken by the government. It all began in 2012 when a number of decisions on the development of regional aviation. basic documents, road maps have been developed, and, of course, the basic documents on which we are working and developing this industry - the subsidy programs. Total of 5. Only in 2014 the total amount of funding amounted to about 5 billion rubles. Until 2017, we focus on the amount of about 43 billion rubles.

The oldest, the social orientation of the program - a program of the Far Eastern traffic. It operates since 2009 and now includes 53 subsidized route. 53 Route 15 - the direction of the spa town, this Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik and Simferopol. But of the 15 areas are actually working only 7. There are routes, not claimed by the carrier. We see this as a problem, we would like to work with you to solve.

Before tsenko Sergey, commercial director of "Basel Aero" LLC:

- I would like to emphasize the complexity of the problem, which is now the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation decides. The fact that the inner aviaset Russia over the past few years has been virtually destroyed. About 75% of traffic was concentrated on Moscow. At the same time the industry has developed mainly due to growth in international traffic. Now, in fact, in front of the Ministry of Transport and companies restore task, and in some cases even re-open, in routing our resorts. It is not very easy. But the Ministry of Transport takes quite a flexible position. Transportation to the resorts - this is the segment of tourism, not business. And here is the middle link - intermediaries between passengers and airlines. This travel agencies, tour operators. With them, we have to work.

Eugene Kudelya, minister of resorts and tourism of Krasnodar region:

- I would like to tell a story. Krasnodar Territory Governor appealed to the Ministry of Transport and requested to be included in the list of routes Decree №1095 airport of Krasnodar, as Sochi, Anapa and Gelenzhik already there. Signed by the Minister of Transport Maksima Sokolova received a reply. But what he did for some reason, in the name of the governor of the Nenets Autonomous Area Aleksandra Tkacheva. And it was said that Krasnodar is not a resort. I like the minister of resorts and tourism in the region say that Krasnodar still resort and confirmation - relevant documents. More than a third of tourists who come to the Territory come through Krasnodar. Therefore, we are left with the earnest entreaty: include Krasnodar in this decision. Although, as far as I know, on the decision of the benefits are assumed only for students and seniors, and we appreciate every tourist.

And one more thing - in the summer the prices of a space, I think you will agree with me. In this case, no empty seats, all sold out. Many people, the price is kept high, so do not have enough aircraft. Not enough low-cost carriers, such as abroad. We like going: just went normal carrier as soon ruined.

We are gathered here because of those who came, that is to tour operators, and let's talk about their interests. So let's clarify what you need to tour operators, so they brought in more tourists. The problem, of course, in a moment, we do not decide, but let's at least start, and start with the off-season. How to make so that there are competitive rates? This may well be subsidies, of course, within reasonable limits. What we as a region, industry leaders must ask the Federal Air Transport Agency?

Ilya Umansky, CEO of travel company "Alian":

- In the summer large AVI-akompanii do not experience any difficulties in ticket sales. They can sell them at any cost. Therefore, the airline put discounted rates to organizations like us, there is no interest. They are engaged in business, and the whole question of income.

In my opinion, the problem is only in the absence of competition. It seems to me that it is necessary to solve the problem with the launch of additional flights, to help them go to market, perhaps to subsidize them. Helping low-cost airlines. And do not condone the monopolists. This will be the solution of problems in the transportation prices. Something better come up with is hardly possible. It should be market-driven adjustment.

Sergey Krivonosov, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation:

- The interaction of business and government should be based on the principles of reciprocity. The state can not provide all the subsidies without any conditions - a road to nowhere. Really, can not do without a healthy competition. The example of Sochi - a ticket costs from 3 thousand to 50. If a person wants an impromptu fly to the resort, it is only for an economy class ticket paid 50 thousand - the amount of very heavy. Especially when you consider that at the same time in Turkey a week vacation together with the flight is worth no more than 30 thousand. So there pricing airline plays a huge role. Within the framework of the market economy private airlines dictate pricing policy, we can not. The proposal is in the agreements, contracts and the Federal Tourism Agency, and the Ministry of Tourism of the Krasnodar Territory.

Maya Lomidze, executive director of the Russian Association of Tour Operators:

- a travel agent and AVIACOM-nies their interests. And often these interests are diametrically opposed to each other. And not agree to us as though we were sitting. Let's look on the other side. There is interest, for example, the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory in the year-round boot, and there is an interest of tour operators - how to get a reasonable price. But the decision to increase the volume of traffic starts to interfere with the interest of air carriers. How to stimulate an increase in the aviapotoka Krasnodar Krai resorts, including in the low season? Suggestion: it is necessary to make a special cost to low season was favorable to fly. On a larger scale. Let it be subsidies, let there be a decrease of some charges for airport services. And this question the Ministry of Transport and Regional Authorities.

Sergey Krivonosov, deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation:

- Dear tour operators, you do not misunderstand: internetprodazhi grow. If you do not create a tourism product along with air travel, in which you do not agree with the air carriers, and for which you are not the person to provide a comprehensive vacation cheaper than he can just stay in the Internet, you use the internal market will not.

You're using a foreign market? There you business boleemenee adjusted, you have a tourist product comes in a package with the flight. And this is a guarantee of your income, including and success.

In the State Duma Expert Council operates on domestic tourism, and I propose to bring together representatives of tour operators and carriers in the near future on the substantive meeting.

As escorted steamers ...

The situation with the marine transportation in Sochi as transparent as sea water calm. They simply do not. While the resort city from the sea is blocked for tourists. Only a lonely old ship "Rainbow" for 30 years crisscrossing the coastal waters inviting on boating.

Local newspapers write articles that at the empty handsome port painful to watch TV crew shooting scene about the history of the resort water taxi. Longingly at the sea looks bronze Semen Semenovich Gorbunkov, recalling the very landscape with "Mihailom Svetlovym", which raced off his to Turkey. And the city drinks cocktails spicy, and news from the sea, it seems, is not waiting.

Maksim Kondratenko, Managing Director of the yachting port "Imereti":

- The first thing that is required and the Crimea and Sochi - a cruise destination. We are in 2014, said that in Sochi declared cruise program. Planned 120 courts. You see, it was nothing. The declared ship entry was not even one-third. The program for 2015 is even more poor. The main problem - of any cruise operator message requires a complex product. Only Sochi and the Crimea only he was not interested, he is interested in, and intermediate ports. The problem - lack of readiness of our ports to the acceptance of modern cruise ships. This appeal is, of course, to the Ministry of Transport.
Sochi - ready to cruise the harbor, but if we go further, for example, in Novorossiysk, in the Crimea, the situation there is deplorable. What used to be - it is an old product. For tourism it is not necessary.
The next interesting product - the ferry service. Many will use motor vehicles abroad: take the car, drive, visited one other object - none of this can not be done in the Krasnodar region, the Crimea. Here the same problems - is if you already have the ports, there are inherent limitations, moreover, there is no interest on the part of operators of the ferry service due to the high cost of tickets. The same problems as with air travel. Require subsidies unambiguous, comprehensive assistance from the state, because the permanent occupancy of the ferry, no one can provide. Well, I can say on the plus additional products: Sochi increasing popularity finds yachting, many have a skipper's license. It is claimed. And an additional new product that is open to us, this megayacht market, large yachts, which after the Olympics, after the "Formula 1" began to visit us. The city is the newly created infrastructure, such as a cargo port of Imereti, which is now being reshaped to a yacht. And we have to keep our brotherly Crimean ports - we need to unite, develop and organize all that tour operators could use it and fill the tourist market from the sea.

Igor Glukhov, general director of the company Paradise Cruise & Ferry LTD:

- Indeed, the question of maritime transport from the port of Sochi is very serious. In our company we were going to open in the summer of the North-Caucasian line last year, but due to problems in Ukraine, we did not. In Sochi, despite the fact that spent a lot of money for the construction of the cruise center, cruise transportation practically nullified. Sochi port infrastructure is idle. We decided nevertheless to resume the project of the Black Sea - a cruise-ferry service between the ports of Batumi, Sochi, Istanbul. It is a combination of cruise product. We believe that this project will allow to realize the tourism potential of Sochi, download the tourist infrastructure in which large sums of money invested.

We remember that in Soviet times, the Black Sea has worked for more than 60 passenger ships transported several million passengers. Negotiations were held with management of the port, with the city authorities. We
Vai on the support, and for us it is predictable. We see great potential from Georgia and Turkey tourism market, there are tourists who really want to come to Sochi. The more that our countries have a visa-free regime, and this means we can attract a lot of visitors.

How to accompany the train ...

Trains to the resort from all over Russia, of course, are not as expensive as planes, but not as fast. It is unlikely that someone with pleasure will go to the resort from Khabarovsk to spend two weeks on the road.

Less than a year since the Olympics, had no time to the city enjoy a "swallow", which brought tourists from the cities in the region in the Olympic Park, and on that this winter had hoped for lovers of alpine skiing as from modern trains now and mark on the Black Sea coast cools. New Year's Eve in the number of Sochi "Swallows" cut. They left 12. Railways explained: losses. However, paint a different perspective. Once they to Sochi, on the right, are not as optimistic as we would like.

Michael Komulainen, head of the Southern Directorate speed communications of JSC "Russian Railways":
- 40 trains have been sent to the Olympics in Sochi. Free during the Games they carried about 4 million passengers. This is a grand experience. Our train at the same time worked during the KHL games in the days of the "Formula 1". Already customer-oriented is born in such areas as Sochi - Adler - Olympic Park - Krasnaya Polyana. Today we offer our tour operators charter train. For example, to make weekend tours. So far, by prior arrangement we move from December 14 to the regional transportation. We 'mirror' drive from Adler to Krasnodar, put the "Swallows" the route from Krasnodar to Rostov. We have solved the question that these electric go to Maikop, Novorossiysk. Planned high-speed rail and Moscow - Sochi. JSC "Russian Railways" has received tranche for construction of a combined road to the Kerch Strait. Can you guess where will "swallow" the year after 4?

Currently in Yekaterinburg I have already started working plant to produce an additional 1 200 cars. That is, in fact, we can offer here chartering trains, rent - anything. For example, on Friday night we take people from Krasnodar, are taking them on, "Rose Farm" or in the Olympic Park. There takes their tour operator, settles, and in the morning we're taking them to the mountains. There tourists on Saturday and Sunday skiing, resting, and Sunday night we will return them to Krasnodar. "Swallow" is designed for 440 seats. Now a ticket costs 666 rubles, but the charter order may be discounts. Such an offer to tour operators from the Railways.
There is much talk that the Russian resort will help the sanctions. The game is on a sense of patriotism, saying that there is nothing to go abroad - their beautiful places in the country lack. Due to the growth of the dollar on international flights rose. But these reasons do not play absolutely no role, if a Russian resort of our compatriots just can not reach.

Anna Guleva

According materiallov Journal "Lights SOCHI FOR ALL" №12 (61) December 2014