Sochi International Forum for Tourism


25-28 November 2014
The First Sochi International Forum for Tourism - SIFT.
XXI international tourist exhibition "RESORTS AND TOURISM. SEASON 2014-2015"
XV International specialized exhibition "HOTEL-RESTAURANT BUSINESS 2014"

Health tourism. Spa treatment

According to the forecast of the World Health Organization, by 2022, health tourism will be one of the defining global industries.

MD, Professor, Deputy Director for Science GBUZ "Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of rehabilitation, rehabilitation and sports medicine" Elena Turov, made a presentation to the audience at the round table noted that in our spa complex can assist not worse than abroad.

Over the past 6 years, the sanatorium organizations in Russia has decreased. In 2007 their number was 2118, and in 2013 already 1841. This statistic was announced during the roundtable.

- Medical rehabilitation - an opportunity to expand and make mutually beneficial work of tourist industry and spa complex. People go abroad for rehabilitation, especially after coronary artery bypass surgery. We can also assist the quality, and accordingly, travel companies can guide those wishing to be treated in Russia sanatorium. Of course, and the sanatorium, tourist industry and customer needs. Therefore, resort must know the client's needs, and the tourist industry should be clearly described in a product that provides a sanatorium, - concluded Elena Turova.

Modern client and his needs

Emphasis on customer orientation made director of tour operator SKO FNPR "Profkurort" Maxim Kurgin . He was confident that the seller of the spa services in the first place is a regular customer.

- The most important thing for the health centers - customer orientation. Regular customers, patients, vacationers, we are interested most of all because they are willing to spend almost 70% more than the initial resting, they do not need to offer exorbitant prices, they are more willing to try new products and services, and most importantly - they create a reputation spa facilities. More than 64% of the reputation of the institution is the personal experience of its customers. The man who rested in the sanatorium, and have our salesman. The main sources of information about consumers spa services facilities are the recommendations of friends and relatives, and then the different types of direct advertising and travel agencies.

Social portrait vacationer is that it's a family man, aged from 30 to 60 years, with higher or secondary education. We need to understand what is a contingent basis, and depending on it to build internal processes in order to meet the group of tourists, which prevails at the present moment of time.

Experience tour operators selling trips can become unsuccessful due to the fact that often they (the tour operators) do not have sufficient knowledge about the product that they offer, and sometimes advise clients to view the official websites of sanatoriums. This leads to the wrong choice of resorts or even to loss of customers. recommend their spa treatment must be in accordance with the contraindications and the state of health of the person. Along with passive travel agents, there are those who are trying to sell a ticket, promises maximum. As a result, people do not get the expected result.

I'm sure resorts and tourist industry can help each other if they are to create a product together. Firstly, to share information about customer needs, seeking feedback on the evaluation of health centers. Travel agencies can also cooperate with doctors in the region to attract customers. Employees need to know the main indications and contraindications. A health spa, not having sufficient medical base, need to focus on to improve the health services and to introduce a spa program. Promoting both sides would be a very effective method of operation.

"Family tourism" trend

Improvement and a family holiday - a new segment of the solvent. Disabled people aged 30 to 50 still prefer to export to a sanatorium both elderly parents and their children. Many see the possibility of a joint vacation pay attention to the whole family, to strengthen relations and to be together away from the bustle of the work. Also an important factor is the fact that children with great pleasure to be treated will go where there is no strict people in white coats, tiled walls and the smell of the hospital. The resort younger guests entertained, tasty food, rehabilitation and treatment procedures are carried out in a comfortable environment.

Responding to the question, "Do sanatorium family customer needs," commercial director of sanatorium "Russia" (Belokurikha resort, Altay) Anna Fefelova confidently replied:

- There is no doubt needed, but we must not forget about the complexity of the combination of a family of tourists and guests without children.

The first difficulty lies in the combination of two different categories. Children, of course, create some noise, running around, having fun and shouting. And it can be a serious problem for travelers without children. The second point - a reference. Many do not understand why they provide the sanatorium. The third - the demand for a season. During school holidays, especially a lot of people. Fourth - big responsibility for little ones. Thus, to avoid confusion, the main task of the personnel - correctly plan recreational activities, gather the children together. As far as possible to settle various categories of guests is compact, so they do not interfere with each other.

At the round table also focused on the issue of commercial resorts. Head of the Department of Management of the Sochi State University, Doctor of Medicine and Economic Sciences, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation Alexander Vetitnev noted that the main obstacle to commercialization - is the cost of services. Therapeutic product expensive. Continuing the theme emphasized that the resort has to clearly understand the uniqueness of the product sold, if this understanding is no, it is not commercially be able to work. The question of promotion in the market conditions for resorts becomes very important. One of the most effective means of promoting the tourist product - a marketing communication. Only the right strategy will make the therapeutic product is comprehensible and accessible to potential buyers.

Darya Kulikova

According materiallov Journal "Lights SOCHI FOR ALL" №12 (61) December 2014