Sochi International Forum for Tourism


25-28 November 2014
The First Sochi International Forum for Tourism - SIFT.
XXI international tourist exhibition "RESORTS AND TOURISM. SEASON 2014-2015"
XV International specialized exhibition "HOTEL-RESTAURANT BUSINESS 2014"

The hotel as the object of sale. What makes a customer come back?

One of the main tasks, which occupies the minds of hoteliers - to make a tourist, visiting the hotel once back there again. Discussion of this particular issue was devoted to the "round table" at the First International Tourist Forum in Sochi. The moderator of the meeting the general director of the JCC "Knowledge" Dmitry Bogdanov.

"All inclusive". Pros and cons

The system «All inclusive» (All inclusive) was first tested in the middle of the last century. Gradually, this package is widely used in the hospitality industry. The name itself indicates that all types of food, beverages and many other services are included in the room rate at the hotel. In Turkey, the "All Inclusive" have been actively used in the 90s. About the history, features and your experience of this system in the hotel on the Mediterranean coast in Antalya (Lara), told the audience of General Manager Luna Blanca Resort & spa Side-Manavgat then-Antalya Rasim Erbakan .

This class 5 star hotel has a room capacity of 360 seats and is working on two systems "All Inclusive": All inclusive standard and extended Ultra all inclusive. The latter is becoming increasingly popular with tourists, despite the overall rise in the cost of tours to include additional services. Among the positive aspects of the system "all inclusive", he also said that this kind of stay in the hotel is very convenient for families because it saves other costs.

- Now we are looking at, which of these two systems brings maximum profit and more in demand by visitors. Also among the main tasks that we solve at the moment, you can select Outbound outlets, increasing the number of activities and excursions, - shared his plans Rasim ERBAKAN.

Provoked intense discussion of pricing policy issues. Turkish guest said that they practice early booking and price cuts for holidays in hotels in the off-season from 70 to 29 euros. This gives the hotel occupancy in the "off-season" at 6065%. The specialists of the hospitality industry, present at the meeting, it was considered impossible to implement such a price in Sochi. We called a variety of reasons, ranging from more rigid state policy in the field of taxation to the high cost of agricultural products.

He commented on the experience of colleagues from Turkey, with regard to the Russian reality , Vice-President of the Federation of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs, managing partner of the Criminal Code of "Alliance Hotel Management" Vadim Prasov . He noted that the system of "All Inclusive" positively perceived by tourists due to its many positive aspects. Perfection is the service, namely the emergence of more advanced parallel Ultra all inclusive, he sees primarily in the need to separate the audience on financial opportunities.

Vadim Prasov sure that the system "all inclusive" economically justified not at all hotels.

- If in a global sense to consider our resorts over the past 20 years, we see that basically there are small family hotels of 20-40 rooms. Talk about the All inclusive with respect to these objects should not be. This system only works when you have a large number of rooms. This is the first. Second - is the availability of the necessary base on site to provide decent nutrition, provision of additional services. Plus is the restaurant A la carte, entertainment. That is, hoteliers need to make sure that the guest had as many pleasant memories as you can about the town, which form the desire to return again.

Question animation in the hotel has been named one of the most important. This is due primarily to the fact that often this criterion is determined by quality of the rest: how comfortable and interesting to tourists in the hotel. All the accumulated experience in this matter is now reduced to having to go to specialized firms or to the education of their own animation team. The need to distinguish between entertainment age guests, their cultural level, the noise effect. Also important is the competent organization of leisure of children separately from adults.

In order to decide how cost-effective is the system "all inclusive" for a specific hotel, enough to make a simple calculation on the basis, as a day of alcohol can drink a man, included in this amount the average cost of food and accommodation making some adjustments resulting from the individual features: for example, women and children have a modest appetite, resting with his family man drank much less alcoholic beverages. If we compare the All inclusive and Ultra all inclusive, the difference is, of course, the cost of alcoholic beverages. Practice shows that the mix of these two services in the same hotel is not: except that we have to somehow split or keep track of tourists vacationing on different systems, in fact be more likely to choose a cheaper tour, which is naturally less interesting hoteliers - He shared his opinion Vadim Prasov.

Aleksey Vengin,
the creator of a unique
project "Know ours!"

Aleksey Vysokanov,
head of
the Criminal Code "Atelika"

Dmitry Bogdanov,
director of the JCC "Knowledge"

Vadim Prasov,
vice-president of
the Federation of Restaurateurs
and Hoteliers,
managing partner of
the Criminal Code of "Alliance Hotel

The more attractive the management company for the hotel?

From the analysis of this issue at the meeting was made by the head of the Criminal Code "Atelika" Alex Vysokanov .

- What we can do? First, increase the revenue side of the hotel due to the attraction of a recognizable brand that has a good flow of loyal customers. It is also engaged in a decrease in costs for hotels: conducting statistical surveys, compare the cost of products and services, introduce quality standards. Creating a unified procurement and sales services makes it possible to save on volumes. Make high demands to the hotel itself: rooms need to be renovated, the area ennobled, one must have the pool, the Swedish line, Wi-Fi. Using the system "all inclusive» (All inclusive) can increase the cost of permits by 20-25%.

Alex Vysokanov also noted that training in a single structure allows subsequent rotation for interoperability and strengthening communities. UK "Atelika" has its own security organization and a professional team of animators, which run from the hotel to the hotel with an evening show.

Those present asked how things are going to the hotel (a former sanatorium) them. Ordzhonikidze, who entered the UK "Atelika".

- old territory, we will not take the: External Expansion us, the number of rooms to 214 beds is sufficient. Made repairs, bought all the necessary furniture and equipment. The only thing that we did not succeed this year - is run the funicular, so tourists were taken to the sea by bus. By the summer of this problem will be solved - said Alexey Vysokanov. - for tourism professionals

Moderator Dmitry Bogdanov, declaring speech speaker on the subject, said:

- Traveling around the country, I have concluded that people do not have information about what a resort of Sochi.

- This program is designed for queries and in-Teresa professional tourism community - began his presentation creator unique Foot project "Know ours!" And Leksey Vengin . Its development makes it possible to involve the Russian market those agencies that have previously relied on the proposal for a foreign holiday.

For 10 years the company has, in which Mr. Vengin is the CEO, there is a certain statistic that helps to understand how the market develops.

Last year, only 15% of agencies Catching-were domestic tourism. Now the situation has changed for the better: do not sell tours to the south of Russia 37% of the agencies; 42% said that new customers come to him who asked for the product on the Russian south. Specifically asked about the situation on the rest in Krasnaya Polyana: 21% - do not intend to sell these tours, 57% - at the decision. We are faced with the problem that the tour operators often do not know what level of relaxation can be offered in the South of Russia: the existing brands, classiness of hotels, services provided, the availability of sites. Thus, 66% of agencies in dire need of information on Russian resorts. About Sochi is necessary to tell, - he concluded his speech Alexey Vengin.

How to upload a hotel in the off-season?

This question is certainly of concern to all hoteliers.

- closes in the off season or not - it is a poly-analytical solution, - says Vadim Prasov. - Perhaps it will look nicer type oborudovaniyano not necessary when closing the financial result for the year to forget that the new season will require addressing issues such as the recruitment and training of personnel. Of course, it is better for all when the hotel is full year round.

About his experience, how to do so successfully worked as a hotel, regardless of the season, said the director of the JCC "Knowledge" Dmitry Bogdanov :

- Now there is a set of advanced tools to attract customers to the hotel. Some of them we have started to use recently, and others we are still not in demand. At the same time I express the opinion that the CCM "Knowledge" is the leader in the South of Russia on parameters such as the percentage of load on the year (it is 84%), growth rate, repayment of customers and income on capital. However, to judge more objectively, the figure 84% is incorrect, in fact the load on the order above. The fact that the season due to congestion, we have to redirect those wishing to relax in our other hotels. My opinion: with the right management could settle the whole number of rooms in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana ... and it would be many more who want to come.

Dmitry Bogdanov noted that the first and most important advantage - it is the ability to talk with the guests, partners and residents of the city: do not try to substitute the lack of communication using the Internet.

- We often forget that we are working in the hospitality industry, - he said. - Unfortunately, in many of Sochi hotels to talk about the hospitality of it is not necessary at all.

It was suggested: the problem of many hoteliers that they can not honestly articulate that offer people want and how much money for these services, can not present their company to tell, much different from the others.

- Explanation of all of this - the lack of professionalism. Unfortunately, we in most cases at all levels of people with the skills and the necessary training, are sorely lacking. In Sochi, 992 certified facilities, and few leads policy from the standpoint of minimizing downtime, and because of this parameter is made up of the hotel earnings.

General Manager of Park Inn Sochi City Center Ludek Louda introduced the results of a survey, "What influences the choice of the hotel?"

According to data presented at the 1st place respondents put this criterion, as "good location" - 30%, in the 2nd - "price" - 15%, "positive experience in this hotel 'influence on the choice of 12% of the tourists, and 7% are happy to use the advice of friends and acquaintances.

As I have positioned the JCC "Knowledge"? This is a quality spa treatment at the price №1. We focus on a simple Russian citizen: they, not the Very Important Person form the main cash flow. For example: we all want to be healthy parents. The sanatorium has a program "Silver Age", which includes accommodation, all meals, diagnosis and treatment in the amount of three treatments, pool and all that - for 990 rubles per day per person. This is the minimum price. However, the average selling winter CCM "Knowledge" is 1800 rubles. Those who do not come for the first time, choose a more comfortable rooms, expanded package of health services, choosing tour with a visit to Matsesty. As you can see, any "location The" price can be turned into a competitive advantage, just to think, "include the head," - concluded his speech Dmitry Bogdanov.

Tatiana Kulichkova

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