Sochi International Forum for Tourism


25-28 November 2014
The First Sochi International Forum for Tourism - SIFT.
XXI international tourist exhibition "RESORTS AND TOURISM. SEASON 2014-2015"
XV International specialized exhibition "HOTEL-RESTAURANT BUSINESS 2014"

Congress 2014 work program

Congress' internal and inbound tourism. Problems and Prospects "

at the First International Tourist Forum in Sochi,

conducted under the auspices of the Sochi City Administration.

Congress Coordinator: tour operator "Alian" (Moscow)

The program of the Congress:


First International Tourist Forum in Sochi

under the aegis of the Sochi City Administration

25 - 28 November 2014

city of Sochi, the main media center, Imereti lowland

The Forum program:

  • XXI International Tourism Exhibition "Resorts and Tourism. Season 2014-2015 »
  • Congress' internal and inbound tourism. Problems and Prospects "
  • Familiarization study tours of the renovated facilities in Sochi

November 25


Getting Started XXI International Tourism Exhibition

"Resorts and Tourism. Season 2014-2015. "

09.30 - 10.30

Business breakfast from Sochi chapter (by invitation only).

Venue: Restaurant Parterre at the hotel Tulip Inn Omega Sochi.


The opening ceremony of the Forum and Exhibition.

Official welcome participants and guests of the Forum.

Greeting of Santa Claus from Great Ustyug.

Venue: playground for special occasions .

11.00 - 11.30

Bypassing the exhibition officials.

The work of the Congress' internal and inbound tourism. Problems and Prospects "

11.30 - 13.00

Plenary Session "Domestic tourism. Problems and Prospects. Government regulation. "

Moderator : Alexander Eliseev, Managing Director of the TV channel Russian Travel Guide TV - the international cognitive channel dedicated to travel to Russia.


Medina VR, Minister of Culture,

OP Safonov, Acting Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism,

AN Pakhomov, Mayor of Sochi resort


Kudelya EV, Minister of Tourism and Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory

Subject: "Crisis as a powerful economic incentive for the resorts of the Krasnodar Territory."

Krivonosov SV, Deputy of the State Duma, Chairman of the Subcommittee on entrepreneurship, tourism and affairs of Crimea, Chairman of the expert council on domestic and inbound tourism in Russia,

Subject: "Priorities for the development of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation."

Yurchenko, EA, the Minister of Resorts and Tourism of the Republic of Crimea

Topic: "Prospects for the development of joint tourism products of resorts in Southern Russia."

Barzykin Yu, vice president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry

Subject: "Problems and prospects of formation and promotion of tourism products Russian resorts".

IG Umansky, CEO of "Alian" national tour.

Venue: Conference Hall A.

10.00 - 11.30

Closed reporting back meeting of the NP "National Association of Information and tourist organizations" (Naito).

Venue: Conference Room E.

14.00 - 15.30

Resort city of Sochi Presentation. placing objects presentation.

Moderator : A. Pakhomov, Mayor of Sochi resort.

Venue: Conference Hall A.


15.30 - 18.00

Round table "Transportation to the resorts. Problems and solutions "

Moderator : Sergey Dotsenko, commercial director of "Basel Aero" LLC.

Topic: "Federal aviation subsidy programs."

Speakers: Belavintsev IA, Deputy Director of Department of state policy in the field of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transport.

Subject: "Subsidies for air transport - a step towards the availability of Russian resorts".

Speakers: Dotsenko SV, commercial director of "Basel Aero" LLC.

Subject: "The participation of the regional administration in the federal transportation subsidy program."

Speakers: Kudelya EV, Minister of Tourism and Resorts of the Krasnodar Territory.

Subject: "The experience of the federal subsidy programs airline air travel."

Speakers: Timothy Fedorov, Commercial Director of JSC "Rusline".

Subject: "Saratov Airlines" under the federal subsidy of air transportation. "

Speakers: Tretyakov IV, CEO of "Saratov Airlines" airline.

Topic: "Sea passenger transportation. Problems and solutions ".

Speakers: Kondratenko MY, Managing Director marina "Imereti".

Presentation of the company Paradise Cruise & Ferry Ltd.

Speakers: Glukhov IA, CEO of Cruise & Ferry Paradise Ltd .

Topic: "Opportunities to attract customers with the integration of the Sochi tourist business" Swallows "."

Speakers: Komulainen, MA, Head of the Southern Directorate of structural units of the Directorate Rapid Transit Rapid Transit - the branch of OJSC "Russian Railways".

Venue: Conference Room B.

14.00 - 17.00

Round table "Industry of children's tourism. Legal regulation"

Moderator : Sanaeva OA, head of the commission PCT cultural tourism, Chairman of the Regional Council of the PCT.

Foreword : Sanaeva OA

Topic: "Prospects of development of youth tourism in the Russian Federation."

Speakers: Bostandzhoglo MM, Director FGBOU DOD FTsDYuTiK, PhD.

Subject: "Problems in the legal regulation of organized children's tourism."

Speakers: Sergey Mindelevich, head of the Commission on Children and Youth and Youth Tourism Federal Tourism Agency of the Public Council.

Subject: "Regulations of transportation of children by various modes of transport."

Speakers: Representative of the Ministry of Transport.

Subject: "Transportation of groups of children with motor transport."

Speakers: Churilov, AN, state inspector of traffic safety department of OTN department OTNiRER UGIBDD Research Affairs of Russia in Krasnodar Krai, a senior police lieutenant.

Topic: "Youth Tourism in Russia: myth or reality?".

Speakers: Vadim Kokorev, CEO of Never Sleep youth tour operator.

Theme: "The issue of staffing DOL".

Speakers: Booth EN, director of Rainbow Camp camp (Gelendzhik).

Topic: "Russian Children's Center" Eaglet "as a resource site for training for DOL. Training System ".

Speakers: Zubahin AA, Deputy Director General VDTS "Eaglet" in Education and Human Resources.

Theme: "Children's health camps of the Crimea: the work in the new environment."

Speakers: Pavitskaya SV, director of the camp "Kakadu" developing network of camps Terra Unique.

Topic: "Improvement, spa treatment and medical rehabilitation of children in the Crimea."

Speakers: Afonyushkina NG, travel company "Blue Lagoon" (Yevpatoriya).

Theme: "The organization of rest of a full cycle. Working with state contracts. "

Speakers: Natalia Losev, First Deputy General Director - Director for Strategic Development Gauck "Mosgortur".

Answers to questions of the roundtable participants.

Speakers: representatives of Rospotrebnadzor, the Ministry of Health.

Venue: Conference Hall E.

Educational workshops and presentations

Venue: Conference Room D.

12.00 - 14.00

Seminar "Hotel management. A vtomatizatsiya step by step "

  • The choice of platform.
  • The restructuring of the hotel's business processes after they automate.
  • Implementation of system solutions in practice. Docking with the tour operator.

Speakers : Babenko Paul, CEO of "1C: Hotel".

  • Optimization of business processes with the help of the hotel enterprise solutions MICROS Fidelio Suite 8

Speakers : Foschenko Roman, Regional Director of LLC «HRS» (Micros-Fidelio distributor in Sochi);

Bahmutsky Anton, Technical Director of LLC «HRS».

14.30 - 16.30

Seminar " Hotel management. Reliable navigation of your business: the role and tasks of modern financial services. "

Modern financial service: the key challenges.

  • 3 D financial management model:
    • forms of financial statements: the purpose and relationship, the use of the horizon;
    • financial statements vs managerial reporting: what is the difference?
    • key management reporting indicators;
    • Key indicators of business activity;
  • Management: revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities and equity, the cash flow.
  • Strategic business development model: Is there an alternative?

Speakers: Brusco Maria, partner of "eff & K Consulting" in the past - a key leader of Mars holding the finance department.


Venue: Conference Room C.

14.30 - 15.30

Presentation of the new directions of Russian tour operator Coral Travel.

Organizer: tour operator Coral Travel.

Speaker: Blaise Yu, Head of the Russian domestic tourism Coral Travel.

16.00 - 17.00

Presentation of tourist products and a seminar for travel agents "in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana, new year-round recreation opportunities."

Organizer: Tour Operator "Riviera-Sochi".

Speakers: Tarasova Bella Aleksandrovna, Director of TC "Riviera-Sochi"; Serdyukova Nadezhda Konstantinovna, deputy director TC "Riviera-Sochi".

15.30 - 16.00

Raffle permits for rest and treatment of SKO "ROSYUGKURORT" boarding house "Neva", TC "Es Ji Tours".

Program: drummers show, drawing certificates, photo keepsake.

Venue: playground for special occasions .

11.30 - 17.00

Presentation of tourist facilities.

Venue: playground for special occasions .

18.00 - 18.30

Delivery of the exhibition under the protection of the exposition.


Festive reception in honor of the opening of the First International Tourist Forum and Exhibition.

Dress - Code : democratic.

Venue: Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre ( «Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Center"). Address: Imereti lowland, ul. Blue 1A.

November 26th

10.00 - 18.00

Work XXI International Tourism Exhibition "Resorts and Tourism. Season 2014-2015. "

The work of the Congress' internal and inbound tourism. Problems and Prospects "

11.00 - 14.00

Individual business meetings with representatives of Sochi Administration (pre-registration required).

Speakers: Yasyuk Oleg Valentinovich, Deputy Head of Sochi;

Grachov Aleksey Evgenevich, Head of the resort business and tourism of Sochi City Administration.

Venue: meeting rooms in the conference area.

11.00 - 17.00

Presentation of tourist facilities.

Venue: playground for special occasions .


10.00 - 12.00

Round table "Legislative and legal regulation in all stages of formation, implementation and provision of travel services."

Moderator : Sergey Korneev, Advisor to the Minister of Culture.


SV Korneev, Advisor to the Minister of Culture;

Krivonosov SV, Deputy of the State Duma, Chairman of the Subcommittee on entrepreneurship, tourism and affairs of Crimea, Chairman of the expert council on domestic and inbound tourism in Russia.

Subject: "On the improvement of the legislation of the Russian Federation in terms of legal regulation of outbound tourism."

Speakers: Arahamiya I. V., Head of the Legal Department of the Federal Agency for Tourism.

Theme: "The issue of the legal relationship between the parties to the travel market," customer - Travel Agent - Tour Operator - hotel ".

Speakers: Lomidze MA, Executive Director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR);

Dzheus AV, Chairman of the Committee on sanatorium-resort complex and tourism of the Legislative Assembly of Krasnodar Region.

Topic: "Business practices and legal regulation of relations between tour operators and hotels."

Speakers: Romachkin SA, CEO of tour operator "Dolphin".

Topic: "Prospects of development of system of classification of hotels and other accommodation facilities in Russia."

Speakers: Bitkulova LI, General Director of "Center Classification" (St. Petersburg), the expert classification of the state system of objects of tourism industry on the classification of hotels and other accommodation facilities.

Theme: "The issue of the implementation of the mandatory classification of the law, in practice, the Krasnodar Territory."

Speakers: Denisov AA, First Deputy General Director of JSC "Resort examination" (Krasnodar).

The theme: "Implementation of the mandatory classification of law on the territory of Sochi."

Speakers: Sergey Domorat, Deputy Head of the resort business and tourism of Sochi City Administration.

Subject: "The relationship with the travel agent a tourist."

Speakers: . Natalia Osipova, Executive Director of the NP "Alliance travel agents"

Topic: "The travel agent and the customer's contractual relationship."

Speakers: . Morozov DV, Head of the Legal Affairs Committee of NP "Alliance travel agents"

Venue : Conference Hall B.

11.00 - 14.00

Round table "Health tourism, spa treatment."

Moderator : Razumov AN, MD, professor, academician of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Honored Scientist of Russia.

Welcome: Chernyshov IN, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Social Policy Committee;

Monks MV, Deputy Head of the organization and improvement of the programs of medical rehabilitation and sanatorium treatment department of medical care and sanatorium case the Ministry of Health.

Opening remarks by a moderator.

Subject: "Sanatorium stage of medical rehabilitation in Russia. Motels and tourist industry: the point of contact. "

Speakers: Turov EA, MD, Professor, Deputy Director for Science GBUZ "Moscow Scientific and Practical Center of Medical Rehabilitation, rehabilitation and sports medicine Moscow Health Department."

Topic: "Organizational and legal aspects of the evaluation of the quality of the spa services."

Speakers: Nesterova EV, Ph.D., Deputy Head of the Center for Professional Education GBOU VPO "First Moscow Medical University. Sechenov. "

Topic: "Integrated Assessment of the quality of the spa services - experience of European Spas Association (ESPA)».

Speakers: Konstantin Brylyakov representative EuropeSpa Med & Welness in Russia.

Subject: "Sanatorium Crimea industry today and tomorrow."

Speakers: Ezhov VV, Professor, MD, Head. the Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Postgraduate Education of the Crimean State Medical University. SI St George's (Simferopol).

Topic: "Trends Sankuru in Russia today. Modern client and his needs. "

Speakers: Kurgin ME, CEO of tour operator SKO FNPR "Profkurort".

Subject: "Commerce and motels. whether these concepts are compatible? ".

Speakers: Vititnev AM, Head of the Department of Management of the Sochi State University, MD, PhD, Professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation.

Subject: "Does the sanatorium" family "customer needs. Experience resort "Belokurikha".

Speakers: Fefelova AS, commercial director of sanatorium "Russia" (the city of Belokurikha, Altai Krai).

Topic: "The Formation of therapeutic product understandable to the consumer and its promotion."

Speakers: Andrea Szegedi, a representative of the Hungarian National Office.

Subject: "Problems of realization of sanatorium vouchers by travel agents and tour operators."

Speakers: Karpova Marina, head of sales Plaza SPA Hotels (Kislovodsk / Zheleznovodsk).

Topic: "Public awareness and medical staff about the possibilities of treatment and rehabilitation in the sanatorium organizations (statistics of 10-year study)."

Speakers: Nesterova EV, Ph.D., Deputy Head of the Center for Professional Education GBOU VPO "First Moscow Medical University. Sechenov. "

Subject: "special programs" for "and" against. " Or how to sell additional services in a nursing home. "

Speakers: Bogdanov DV, CEO of the sanatorium "Knowledge" (Sochi).

Subject: "Catering to the spa complex."

Speakers: Netyagina AS, President of Sochi Restaurateurs Association.

Venue: Conference Room C.

13.00 - 18.00

(With a break)

Session: "Current tools of marketing promotion of regions in domestic and inbound tourism."

Moderator : Gorokhov Yu, Advisor to the Acting Head of the Federal Tourism Agency.

Block I: «Territory Marketing"

Presentation of the project Visit Russia.

Speakers: A. Gorokhov, Advisor to the Acting Head of the Federal Tourism Agency.

Topic: "Best Practices tourist information centers of Russia."

Speakers : Gvichiya NM, president of the board of NP "National Association of Information and tourist organizations" (Naito).

Subject: "Interaction between TIC and the subjects of the travel market."

Speakers: Ushakov MV, Director Naito.

Topic: "Foreign experience of TIC".

Speakers: Raitis Siyats, Chairman of the Board of Vidzeme Tourism Association (Latvia).

Topic: "Promoting tourist destination (country, region, city) in the example of Latvia."

Speakers: Anson I. PCT representative.

Subject: "The experience of Germany to promote the national tourist product."

Speakers: Alexander Belikov, the head of Germany's Russian representative office of the National Tourist Office.

Topic: "Branding the territory."

Speakers: Makatrova NS, director of consulting company "Specifics" (Moscow).

Topic: "Update of the regional (tour) of tourism products to current market conditions: demand trends; design tools; methods of implementation. "

Speakers: Guly F., director of travel company "BelAgroTrevel" PCT representative in the Republic of Belarus.

Presentation of the first online exhibition "Know ours!".

Speakers: Alexey Vengin, CEO

The "Guide« TopTripTip - Travel to Russia ".

Speakers: A. Suleykov, general director of the project.

Topic: "Domestic technology to improve the quality of excursion programs."

Speakers: Frolov NA, development director of "Radio Guide".


Block II: «Inbound tourism. What do the foreign tourists'

Theme: "Innovations and prospects for visa control between Russia and other countries."

Speakers: Yashnov LA, third secretary of the Russian Foreign Office in Sochi;

Svetlov SA, Counselor Russian Foreign Office in Sochi.

Topic: "The visa-free stay for 72 hours in Sochi and the Crimea."

Speakers: Seliverstov O., Director of Development, Management Directorate "Aviation", the company "Basic Element".

Subject: "The specifics of receiving foreign tourists."

Speakers: J. Danish, a spokesman for the Moscow hotel "Garden Ring".

Subject: "Projects" China Friendly "and" Halal ".

Speakers : Sibirkina AV, director of "Chinatown Friendly" project, Musin IU, a member of the Non-Commercial Partnership Council "Peace without Borders".

Venue: Conference Room B.

Educational workshops and presentations

10.30 - 13.30

Seminar "Hotel management. Customer-oriented staff: Myths and Reality ".

  • Criteria for selection of customer-oriented staff.
  • The system of "conveyer" season training staff.
  • Key radicals management, customer-oriented culture as forming a base value of the corporate culture.

Speakers: Kolbeneva Elena, certified business assessor, managing partner of "development space".

  • What he wants staff. Advice to managers, practice-based assessment and training of hotels in Krasnodar Krai.

Speakers: Kolayko IV, CEO of ANO "TCC Resort Consulting."

  • Experience of creation of a personnel reserve hotels with significant seasonal fluctuations in load.

Speakers: Mavrina NF, HR Director of "Akkord Management Group."

  • Realities and labor market trends in the tourism and hospitality industry of Russia. Salary statistics in the regions of Russia - suggestions and expectations. The direction of labor migration in tourism. Benefits, compensation, hr-employer policy in the sphere of. The labor market in the Sochi Olympic period.

Speakers: Natalia Revo, marketing manager and PR HeadHunter Sochi public.

Venue: Conference Room E.

10.30 - 12.30

Seminar "The hotel like the object of sale. What makes a customer come back . "

Moderator: Dmitry Bogdanov, Director General of the JCC "Knowledge".

part I

  • All inclusive. "Pros and cons".
  • Animation. Rules of success.

Speakers : Rasim Erbakan, Manager of General Luna Blanca Resort & Spa is Side-Manavgat then-Antalya;

Prasov VV, vice-president of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers, managing partner of the Criminal Code of "Alliance Hotel Management".


Venue: Conference Room D.

13.00 - 15.00

Part I I

  • Current trends in the global hospitality industry. Manage your online reputation.

Speakers : Ludek Louda, of General Manager of Park then Inn City Center Sochi.

  • Hotel Website: secrets of rapid development and effective promotion.

Speakers : Alexander Galochkin, CEO TravelLine.

  • Local building Hotel Program (LHP) - the exclusive way out hotels on the market for corporate customers and agencies.

Speakers: Marina Goncharenko, Head of department on work with hotels

  • The specificity of the promotion of the hotel on the B2B-audience.

Speakers : Alexey Vengin, CEO

  • What are the advantages for the hotel management company.

Speakers : Alexey Vysokanov, Head of the Criminal Code "Atelika".

  • Promotions and ACT. When it works.

Speakers : Bogdanov DV, CEO of the sanatorium "Knowledge" (Sochi).

  • How to upload a hotel in the off-season. World experience.

Speakers : Evgeny Dunaev, Market Manager Russia Regions Expedia® Lodging Partner Services.

  • Promotion of the hotel across the regional tourist sites. Register of classified accommodation facilities and national reservation system.

Speakers: Ushakov MV, Director of the NP "National Association of Information and tourist organizations" (Naito).

Venue: Conference Room D.

16.00 - 17.30

Seminar " Business Travel. Current trends in the Russian market. "

The theme: "Peculiarities of business travelers requirements for accommodation facilities. Experience ABT-ACTE Russia ».

Speakers: Elena Kovyazina, Head of the Department of certification of hotels, Russian Association of Business Travel (ABT-ACTE Russia).

Theme: "The success of Sochi as a unique Russian MICE destination."

Speakers: Nikitina Elena, Head of Sales LLC "Rosa Khutor".

Topic: "The 2015 FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX RUSSIA. The possibility of tour operators, as the representatives of the affiliated Sochi Autodrome. "

Speakers : D. Veligor - Head of Commercial Department Sochi Autodrome.

Venue: Conference Room D.


Venue: Conference Hall F.

15.00 - 16.00

Presentation of the benefits and services of the hotel Foundation "Center" Omega ": city-hotel" Velvet Seasons "and Tulip Inn Omega Sochi Hotel.

Speakers: Krut'ko SV, director of the number of rooms.

The program may change.

Organizing Committee

22 November 2014.

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